I’ll get to this review, just as soon as I answer my Hello Kitty phone…

So far, CJ has been handling the Breaking Bad reviews for this final season.  This is in part because I haven’t been able to coherently articulate my thoughts on the subject.  I find myself overcome each Sunday with a mixture of intense excitement for the new episode and intense despair over the ever-nearing end of this beloved show.  Nevertheless, I will attempt to put some words down on “paper,” as it is probably the best way to pay tribute to the masterpiece which is Breaking Bad.

By now you have probably read several reviews of this week’s episode, so I will spare you the play-by-play and will instead focus on some take-aways from Confessions.

1.  Walt’s “confession” – For me, this was the most surprising part of the episode and one that I certainly did not see coming.  I was not completely convinced when Walt started taping his confession that he would actually be confessing to his crimes, but I also was not prepared for him to pin much of his crimes on Hank, especially with such intricate details.  Now, CJ and I disagree about whether Walt pinning everything on Hank was a true Heinsberg move.  I believe that it was.  Walt continues to believe that he is smarter than everyone and continues to want to demonstrate his intellectual dominance, and to me, that is precisely what he was doing with his confession video.  It was his way to say to Hank:  “Look you think that you can just take me down, well you have severely underestimated me and let me explain to you exactly how screwed you actually are.”  I do not think that until Hank and Marie watch that video are they fully able to realize what kind of monster Walt actually is.

2.  Can we please just give Aaron Paul the Emmy? – Anyone who is watching Breaking Bad cannot doubt Aaron Paul’s acting ability.  If they do, then they certainly need a good punch in the face like Saul.  But, Aaron Paul was simply spectacular in this week’s episode.  Over the past two weeks, Mr. Paul has proven that he can be dynamic whether he is screaming at the top of his lungs or not making a sound.  In my mind, the scenes in the desert were simply mind-blowing as Jesse finally voiced what he has known all along about Mr. White.

3.  Any table-side guacamole? – What I love about Breaking Bad is it’s ability to be an incredibly dramatic and gut-wrenching show, but one that does not take itself too seriously. The writers do an excellent job mixing in some light-heartedness into what has become an increasingly dark dark story.  Last week, we had a Scrooge McDuck moment; this week we had some much needed humor from a waiter who was just dying to mix up some table-side guacamole.  Pure excellence.

4. Skyler and the ray of light – One of the most interesting moments from this week’s episode (in my opinion) was the scene with Walt and Skyler in the carwash.  After seemingly jumping on team Walt last week (or at least sticking with team money train), Skyler again appears overcome by the events of her life.  When Walt comes into her office to let her know he is heading to chemo, she appears greatly detached from the world, very reminiscent of the Skyler from season 4.  Now whether this is simply a temporary consequence of Skyler realizing what she may be losing as she stands by Walt, it is hard to say.  But, the dramatic brightness of Skyler contrasting with the dark shadows surrounding Walt, can hardly be ignored.  To me, the lighting seemed similar to that of an angel (and thereby possibly foreshadowing her death??).




2 thoughts on “BREAKING BAD 511: CONFESSIONS

  1. “Now, CJ and I disagree whether Walt pinning everything on Hank was a true Heinsberg move. I believe that it is. Walt continues to believe that he is smarter than everyone and continues to want to demonstrate his intellectual dominance, and to me, that is precisely what he is doing with his confession video.”

    Yes, this exactly. What I find interesting is that he’s using elements of the truth in his “confession”, but he’s completely manipulating the facts. Hank won’t ever forgive him, so this is the only way he can put Hank away.

    Great review. I also wrote one over at my blog, if you want to check it out. Anyway, keep it up!

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