Anyone hungry for lasagna??

I promise that CJ and I watch shows other than Breaking Bad, but let’s face it, no other show truly matters at this moment.  So with the little free time we find ourselves with these days, the only sane thing seems to be to devote the majority of this blog to savoring the final episodes of this show.  With that, let’s get to talking…

This week I am again staying away from a recap and instead focusing on the highlights of the episode (at least as I see them).

1.  “I’ll heat up some lasagna” – Who would have thought at the beginning of this show that Marie would be sane person in all this chaos that has been erupting?  I would never have guessed that our little kleptomaniac would be all grown up one day.  Since finding out about Walt, Marie has been the one to remain relatively level-headed.  I say “relatively” because, of course, Marie slapped the crap out of Skyler and tried to take Holly against Skyler’s wishes, but I think everyone understands where Marie was coming from–she was acting in the best interests of Holly.  Since that time though, Marie has been the one who encouraged Hank to bring the DEA into the loop, has confessed to her therapist that even though she wants to hurt Walt she knows that she can’t, and calmly and collectively welcomed Jesse into her home.  Marie has demonstrated that she has come a long way since the first season.  She is now a woman who can deal with difficulties presented in her life in a rationale manner (unless it involves an unfair parking situation at work).  She certainly seems to be the only person keeping her wits together lately.

2.  No one is buying what Walt is selling anymore – I think it is safe to say that everyone in Walt’s life now realizes that Walt is a compulsive liar.  Last week, Jesse called Walt out on his lies to Walt’s face.  This week Junior does it.  Now, Junior, of course, has no clue what the real story is, but Junior has learned enough about his father in the last year to be able to see Walt’s pump malfunction story as a complete fake.  So now Jesse, Skyler, Hank, Marie, and Walt Jr. all now that Walt is completely full of BS.  Does this mean that Walt has lost some of his power that he gained by becoming Heisenberg?  Walt relied on his ability to weave a pretty good web of lies in order to gain power, so now if everyone is able to see through him, is Walt on his way to falling back to his doormat status from the beginning of season 1?

3. Skyler vs. Jesse – Skyler clearly views Jesse as public enemy #1 as her chilling “What’s one more?” line revealed, but Jesse has never really had any beef with Skyler.  I couldn’t help but notice that when Jesse awoke in Hank’s house the first image he focused on was a picture of Skyler (and Walt).  In my mind though, Skyler took center stage in the photograph .  It took me a minute to even realize that Walt was dressed as Santa.  Then, when Jesse enters into Hank’s living room and looks at the bookcase, there is a very noticeable DVD of Deadwood on the shelf.  Deadwood (starring Anna Gunn aka Skyler).  Now, I am probably reading too much into the Deadwood thing, but it is entirely possible that the show is setting us up for a Skyler vs. Jesse showdown.  Maybe Walt will have to choose between the two?  Who knows.  I do love a good Breaking Bad theory though.

4. Is Hank just as bad as Walt? – I would argue that for a good portion of the show Hank is supposed to have been seen as the good guy.  He is the cop trying to rid this world of one drug dealer at a time.  And, at times, I will admit that I have tried to categorize Hank and Walt on a very black and white scale.  Hank = good and Walt = bad.  But, this weeks episode cleared be of this notion.  Hank isn’t the white knight in this story.  He may be just as bad as Walt (ok, that is probably a little extreme, but you know what I mean).  This week, Hank admitted that he doesn’t care what happens to Jesse.  His goal is to take down Walt and if Jesse gets hurt in the process, so be it.  This mentality is very Heisenberg-like:  I have a goal and no one and nothing is going to stop be from achieving that; whatever mess happens along the way happens; whoever gets hurt along the way gets hurt.  I just cross my fingers that Jesse doesn’t end up hurt.

I could go on and on about this episode: Why Jesse’s fear of bald men is probably healthy (I mean look at all the bald men that have hurt him at this point – Walt, Gus, Hank); how apparently Skyler has gotten over any misgivings she had last week and has joined the dark side, etc.  But what did y’all think?



One thought on “BREAKING BAD 512: RABID DOG

  1. Marie was HILARIOUS in this episode. Skyler and Hank are both getting a bit evil.

    I just hope Jesse comes out on top in the end.

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