Where’s the blue??

I am pretty sure that I didn’t breathe the entire last 20 minutes of this week’s episode.  As Alan Sepinwall said in his review this week, I know that I was inhaling and exhaling only because I am alive here today (also because it is completely impossible for me to hold my breath for more than 5 seconds).  You get my point though, so let’s get to talking…

Here are my thoughts on this week’s episode.

1. Todd is crazy – Seriously.  The end.  Something is wrong with this kid.  Ok, many many things are wrong with this kid.  I mean, I knew he was a psychopath when he shot Drew Sharp, but this week’s episode showed us that not only does Todd not have a soul, he also has some freaky-deaky tendencies.  When Todd drank from the mug in the exact same spot where Lydia’s lips had touched, he reached a new level of crazy.  If I didn’t dislike Lydia so much, I would be scared for her.

**Side note – apparently Todd loses all gun shooting abilities when trying to murder adults. Could he have looked like anymore of a novice when joining the rest of the Nazi gang in their desert assault?

2. Who lives, who dies – So, from the flashforwards in Season 5 Part I and Season 5 Part II, we know that Walt survives the desert showdown.  Some people appear upset that we know this information prior to the battle in the desert even commences.  For me, the flashforwards don’t bother me (heck, I try to convince CJ to tell me the end of every movie we watch so that I don’t have to deal with surprises).  But, even though we know that Walt is alive, we still do not know the fates of Hank, Gomez, or Jesse.  In a predictable show, you would assume that Gomez dies (the supporting character that everyone loves, but that no one would really miss).  Breaking Bad is anything but a predictable show though.  I believe that something has to happen to Hank, especially after the phone call with Marie that seemed way too good to be true.

3.  Junior gets starstruck – As I have said before, one of the best things about Breaking Bad is the humor that is injected into a very very dark show.  Two weeks ago, we made table-side guacamole.  This week we learn that Junior has a very very low bar for who qualifies as a celebrity.  His reaction to meeting Saul was priceless though and I will cut him some slack since Saul’s billboard does appear to be right across the street from the carwash.

4. There’s family and then there’s “like” family – Walt has clearly decided that there is a difference between actual family and those individuals that are “like” family, but not truly related.  This is made clear when he decides to put a hit out on Jesse.  Couldn’t have Walt just as easily put a hit out on Hank and Marie and made this whole situation disappear?  I find Walt’s distinction a little hard to grasp.  Afterall, Walt has repeatedly stuck his neck out for Jesse, I mean he has murdered people for Jesse.  So now he decides that because Jesse isn’t his actual son, it is okay to off him.  This seems so arbitrary to me.  I suppose though that when you are in the business of crime every line you draw as far as what is acceptable vs. not acceptable is probably somewhat arbitrary.  And, this is simply the distinction that Walt has chosen to make.  It is just a distinction I would not make (but yet I have never been the king of a meth empire, so who I am to judge).

What did y’all think?



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