City of Heroes

“…so what do you wanna be called?”  GREEN ARROW bitches!

Ok, so that is not exactly what Oliver said in response to Dig’s question, but it is what I screamed out loud.  Let’s just say that by the end of the season premiere I was a little pumped up.  Yes, I am excited to have Arrow back on TV and I am even more excited for what this season has in store.  Let’s get to talking…

1.  The black book is gone – I didn’t necessarily dislike the episodic nature of Season 1 of Arrow.  But there was something a little routine about each week tackling a new bad guy in Oliver’s dad’s book.  In the season 2 premiere, it appears that Oliver is done with the name checklist and seeks a higher purpose for his crime fighting escapes.  I like this idea.  First, it sets up the ability for the show to have more a season long story arc when it comes to the big bad.  It also feels like a completely relevant and proper way for Oliver to be dealing with Tommy’s death.  Tommy definitely called Oliver out when it came to Oliver’s killing spree last season (even if Oliver was trying to kill the “bad” guys), so it seems appropriate for Oliver to take his departed friend’s criticism and use it to potentially change for the better.  It will be interesting to see if Oliver is forced to kill anyone this season and how he handles being put in that predicament again.

2.  Thea gets some lines – I was happy to see the writers of the show actually use Thea in a real and relevant way.  This season she might actually have a purpose beyond being Oliver’s partying little sister.  It appears that the destruction of the Glades and learning of her mother’s role in the undertaking has forced Thea to grow up some, and we now see that she has been running Oliver’s club in his absence.  Thea is also given an emotional story arc this episode as she attempts to come to terms with her mother’s role in the killing of hundreds of innocent people.  I like this more mature and grownup Thea.

3.  Three’s company – I was happy to see the dynamic trio of Felicity, Diggle, and Oliver reappear at the beginning of the episode.  Following the destruction of the Glades, Oliver retreats to his island and Felicity and Diggle are forced to hilariously go retrieve him.  This show would be nothing without Felicity and Diggle.  They are funny and serve as a good sounding board and grounding tool for Oliver.  And, let’s just take a minute to remember the kick ass bow that Felicity made for Oliver.  Awesome.  Seriously though, how did the three of them get off the island and back to Sterling City??

4.  Walter is back – I must admit I was very excited and surprised to see Walter at the end of this week’s episode.  I hope he continues to reappear throughout this season.  With Oliver’s dad dead and his mom in prison, I think Oliver needs a go-to adult, especially when it comes to the business side of Queen Consolidated.  I have a hunch that Oliver is going to need all the help he can get from trying to prevent Isabel Rochev from taking over the family business.

5.  Laurel’s been working out – I don’t know exactly what Laurel has been doing since Tommy’s death, but dang girl.  You look awesome.  Laurel has moved over the DA’s office after the destruction of her workplace and seems to be determined to bring down the Hood (aka Oliver).  It is interesting to see Laurel take on the role of capturing the vigilante this season, instead of her dad (who now appears to have come to terms with the fact that he could use Oliver’s crime fighting help).

What did y’all think?


**I would like to take this moment to once again say, if you are not watching Arrow, something has gone horribly wrong in your life.  Seriously, stop what you are doing and start watching.  This show is awesome.  You will not regret it.  I promise.  (This will probably not be the last time I say this, apologies in advance).

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