Season 4 of The Walking Dead is premiering on Sunday night, and although we have yet to talk about The Walking Dead extensively on this blog, CJ and I are both incredibly pumped.  (I also just finished reading World War Z and cannot express how jazzed I am about zombies at this point)  In order to wet your whistle, here are some of the best moments from season 3.  Counting them down.

5. Rick cuts off Hershel’s infected leg – Ok, this scene is super intense to watch.  I couldn’t even make it through the entire clip.  Is Rick using the dullest axe ever?  Because I feel like he is hacking at Hershel’s leg for eternity.  Let’s be glad though that Hershel made it as he clearly was the voice of reason and maturity through much of Season 3.

4. Michonne, Carl, and Rick’s roadtrip – While some people criticized this episode as being out of place, especially in the midst of all the drama centering around the Governor, I rather enjoyed this episode.  We got to be reunited with Morgan Jones.  And, this is the first time Michonne actually started becoming a person (and not simply a sword-yielding mute).  Plus, the Michonne and Carl escapade to retrieve a family photo from the tavern in Carl’s hometown provided some much needed humor to an overall dark show.


3.  Glen fights off the walker that Merle unleashes on him – Dude, this is the moment when Glen became a full-fledged bad ass.  He single-handedly takes down a walker on his own, while strapped to a chair.  Glen rocked it and I think we (and he) learned exactly what Glen is made of during this scene.

2.  Michonne kills the Governor’s zombie daughter – This scene came in the midseason finale and it was awesome.  Not only did Michonne discover the creepiness that is the Governor, but she also got him where it hurts…by killing his zombie daughter.  I think this scene was pivotal in killing whatever humanity was left in the Governor.


1.  Daryl is forced to kill zombie Merle –  This is by far the most horrible moment (in my opinion) in Season 3.  Yes, I know we lost Lori and Andrea last season, but let’s be honest, they weren’t anyone’s favorite characters (and if they were, then you probably need to do some re-evaluation).  And, I am not saying I am sad to see Merle go.  But, my heart just breaks for Daryl and since I am such a sucker for redemption it is particularly sad since Merle died attempting to save the group from the horror that is the Governor.

Other scenes considered:

– When Milton refuses to kill Andrea and ends up as a zombie assassin

– When T-Dog saves Carol

– When Glen and Maggie got engaged

**And finally, the award for the worst scene goes to – Every time Rick hallucinated about Lori.


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