What’s worse than zombies?  Oh, let me tell you…zombies falling from the sky.

The Walking Dead is back.  And, I personally could not be more excited.  Although I will admit that zombies scare the crap out of me, which is why I spent a good portion of the episode screaming and oh yeah, burying my head under a pillow.  I wish I was kidding, but I am not.


Yup, that’s me.  You can imagine what a treat it is to watch The Walking Dead with me (sorry CJ).  But, don’t let my childishness fool you.  I love me some TWD and thought the season 4 premiere was pretty great.  So, let’s get to talking…

1.  It’s raining zombies – Ok, I didn’t come up with that.  That seems to be the tag-line the internet has chosen for this week’s episode.  And, I like it.  The scene in the grocery store was definitely the most nerve-wrenching and anxiety-producing part of the episode.*  Every good TWD episode needs a good zombie attack and this week we certainly got it.  And, I thought that the zombies coming through the ceiling was a new an interesting way to have the crew attacked.  It certainly created a lot of unpredictability.**

*I didn’t necessarily find Rick and the Irish woman’s scene to be that intense–actually I found it to be the least interesting part of the episode.  Also, why are people still caring for their zombie loved-ones?  CJ, please don’t feel compelled to keep zombie LJ, it’s creepy.

**I will say that I was sad to see Cassidy (that’s his Veronica Mars name) come and go so quickly as Beth’s boyfriend.  However, it did allow Beth to have an emotional (or really a lack of emotion) arc in this episode and truly showed how living in a walker world can change a person.  I thought Daryl’s and Beth’s moment was particularly insightful when they discussed not getting too attached to people.

2.  Do we have an outbreak situation? – So Violet the pig got sick and so did Patrick (the nerdy kid who died in the shower).  What the heck is happening; is there an outbreak of some kind?  I am particularly concerned about all the people that Patrick came in contact with before his demise.  Dude, he shook Daryl’s hand, hung out with Carl and the rest of the kids, and the coughed all over the water in the shower.  I think having to fight a disease epidemic on the inside as well as the walkers on the outside could be an interesting plot for this season.  I am stressed out about it though.

3.  Carol, oh Carol – Carol has come a long way hasn’t she? She is now a multi-dimensional character on this show.  Her interactions with Daryl are always enjoyable and I certainly appreciate the fact that she is trying to teach the kids some survival skills.  Someone needs to!  I am curious as to why she is so concerned about Carl telling Rick about storytime.  Probably because Rick has seemingly tried to reject everything that has to do with killing walkers…including no longer carrying his gun.

4.  We got a lot of new faces – We got introduced to a lot of new faces this episode.  Some clearly aren’t sticking around for long (i.e., Beth’s bf and Patrick).  But, it also appears that some may last for awhile.  For instance, in this week’s episode, we see that Tyreese has a new lady friend and we meet Bob the army medic.***   And, if you read the internet, then you know that Michael Cudiltz (from Southland) will also be joining the cast later on this season.  I don’t have a problem with adding new cast members, but it seems that every new cast member eventually meets his/her demise.

***Is it just me or do we think Bob is going to have some issues?  He sure was staring at that wine a long time.

Also, although it’s behind the scenes, we have a new showrunner, Scott Gimple.  If you remember we also had a new showrunner back in season 3.  I thought season 3 started out incredibly strong, but lost some momentum in the back-half.  I again felt that season 4 came out of the gate strong, so here’s to hoping that it is able to keep the momentum going throughout the entire season.

5.  Seriously, the Governor still? – By the end of season 3, I was over the Governor.  So, I am a little disheartened to see that Michonne is out searching for him.  But, I am extremely happy to see Michonne smiling and to see that she has developed a comradery with Carl and Rick.  Next to Daryl, Michonne is quickly becoming my second favorite character.  I just hope that we don’t see less of her this season because she is out on the hunt.

Season 4 started out with a bang.  I can’t wait to see what is in store next week.  Also, I am seriously stressing about the walkers piling up on the fence.  I am legitimately concerned.  What did y’all think?



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