“Healthcare has enough problems without you punks!”

Seriously, CW.  You had to include that in there, didn’t you?!  Other than that incredibly cheesy line, Arrow was back with a vengeance this week with Oliver continuing his new strategy of stopping the bad guys, but not killing them.  Let’s get to talking…

1.  Oliver’s got a new enemy – The Triad gang made it’s first appearance in season 2 this week in which we saw them stealing FEMA medical supplies that were bound for the Glades hospital.  While I wish we would have gotten more backstory on why the Triad was so intent on stealing the medical supplies (I assume it was to sell on the black market, but a larger purpose might have been interesting), our reunion with the Triad also introduced the audience to Bronze Tiger.  Think Wolverine-like.  Bronze Tiger is interesting in that he is one of the few opponents of Arrow’s that can stand up to Oliver physically, but I also would have liked to know why BT was so interested in taking Oliver down.  Maybe more will develop in the upcoming episodes.

2.  Laurel is the worst – Ok, that is what CJ said during last night’s episode.  I don’t share that same opinion.  I still like Laurel a lot.  And, I still want her and Oliver to get together.  But, I am a little concerned that this “Laurel blames Arrow for Tommy’s death and must take him down” storyline could get a little old.  It’s been only 2 episodes and I am already kind of over it.  Also, when you compare Felicity and Laurel side by side, it is clear in this episode which character is more likeable at this point.*  I hope they expand the Laurel storyline a bit more this season and show her working at the DA’s office taking down other criminals besides Oliver.

*To be fair, Felicity isn’t dealing with the death of her boyfriend, so it is a little easier for her to be light-hearted and jokey.

3.  Sometimes being Oliver Queen is important too – Oliver does not yet seem to fully realize the value and impact he can have on Starling City as Oliver Queen in addition to being Arrow.  At a critical moment in this week’s episode, Oliver chose to go off and fight the Triad, instead of showing up at his benefit for the Glades hospital.  Wouldn’t Oliver been able to help more people by drumming up support at his fundraiser than in fighting a few criminals intent on taking down a single FEMA truck?  Also, Oliver’s lack of attendance gave Sebastian Blood an opportunity to once again slam the Queen family and make Oliver out to be the bad guy.  I don’t know what Sebastian’s ultimate goal is, but I can tell that he is up to no good.

4.  All’s not perfect in paradise – We got more flashbacks to Oliver’s time on the island with Slade and Shado.  The best thing about these flashbacks is the dynamic between the group.**  However, it does appear the Shado may be driving a wedge between Oliver and Slade–something that I don’t want to happen at all.  Also, I am becoming increasingly concerned about what happens to Oliver’s friends, since we know that Oliver ends up completely alone on the island before he is rescued.

**Plus, every time I see Slade, I am reminded of Spartacus and that makes me happy.

5.  BFFs?? – So this week’s episode made the partnership between Roy and Arrow a reality.  I imagine that the only reason Oliver is willing to team up with Roy is to “protect” his sister and hopefully reduce the chances that Roy gets himself killed.  It will be interesting to see whether Roy is able to curb his anger and actually serve as a helper for Oliver or whether Oliver will even let Roy help.  Teaming up with Roy does give Oliver a way to figure out what “things” in Starling City need a fixin.

What did y’all think??


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