City of Heroes

I might never look at face cream the same way…

As you can tell we are a little behind this week in posting.  This is partly due to busy work weeks (I know, CJ and I are forced to have jobs) and partly due to busy evening schedules that prevented us from watching this week’s episode of Arrow until last night.  Having to wait an entire day to watch episode 3 did force me to have a pretty important revelation though…Arrow is the show that I look forward to watching more than anything on TV right now (except for The Walking Dead).  That’s right, I like Arrow more than Scandal.  There, I’ve officially said it.  I’m sorry Kerry Washington, but it is true.  So, let’s get to talking…

1.  Three’s company, but four is a party – I could not be more excited that Detective Lance (I know, he isn’t a detective anymore, but he always will be to me) has decided to willingly team up with Ollie, Dig, and Felicity.  It shows some growth on his part and frankly makes him a far more interesting character.  It’s nice to see that he is no longer seeing the world in black and white and is beginning to realize that Ollie can actually do some good, especially when they are working together.  I also thought it was important to show that Lance and Laurel have effectively switched positions when it comes to Arrow.  And, it was interesting to see Lance try and help Laurel figure out what her fixation on Arrow is actually about.

2.  Say what? – Ummm…did you really just say “Ra’s al Ghul?”  Because that definitely caught CJ’s and my attention.  This week we got to see more of Black Canary–Starling City’s newest vigilante and Arrow’s sometimes crime fighting partner.  We got a little more of her origin story and a surprise at the end with the mention of Ra’s al Ghul.  It seems fitting given the similarities between Arrow and the Dark Knight, but man can I not wait to see how much of the League of Shadows makes an appearance on this show.  Did anyone notice that the ninja’s costume at the end looked very similar to Malcom Meryln’s darker archer costume?  Perhaps we will learn that there is a link between Meryln and Ra’s.

3.  Not Crixus! – Ok, so the actor that plays Slade in Ollie’s flashbacks also played Crixus on Spartacus, which really makes it hard to call him by any other name.  The flashbacks were intense this week with the discovery of the ship (I know we had seen it before, but Ollie and Slade had not) and the rockets flying.  Should we assume that Shado is dead?  Hopefully, Slade isn’t.  Also, my mind virtually exploded when we saw Ollie wake up as a prisoner aboard the boat.

4.  Work that camera – Did anyone notice how great the camera work was this week? And, the lightening.  With so much impressive action sequences happening in Arrow, especially in this episode, I think we often don’t focus on the work that it takes to put those scenes together.  But, this week’s episode also showed great camera work in the subtle moments as well.  My favorite moment, by far, was the scene where Ollie and Detective Lance break into the villain’s hotel room and the phone rings.  The shot of Lance standing alone answering the phone was magic.  Also, the lightening totally mimicked the lighting of an interrogation room…which seemed fitting since Lance was questioning the Dollmaker over phone.  Seriously, impressive stuff.

What did y’all think??


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