What’s more terrifying 7500 zombies or having the zombie death flu coughed all over your face?

At this point, I think I might take the zombies.  That flu looks horrible.  Although, I am not sure what it says about my immune system that I think I would have better luck knocking out the zombies than overcoming that nasty virus.  In any event, let’s get to talking… (I feel like the longer I delay, the more likely another member of the group may shoot blood out their eyes and die).

1.  Is Carol a killer? – Clearly, the most shocking part of this week’s episode was Carol’s admission that she killed Karen (and David).  If this is true, then Carol has managed to become even more different from the character we first met on The Walking Dead.  I have genuinely liked seeing Carol become this sort of take charge, no nonsense type person.  And, I even support the fact that she has been teaching the kids how to fight.  But, with the admission that she is now killing others (who presumably weren’t already dead…at least that was alluded to on The Talking Dead this week), I am beginning to wonder if she is taking things a little too far.  Obviously, I don’t live in The Walking Dead world, but is there really much point of survival if you lose your sense of humanity along the way?  That got deep real quick, didn’t it?

*There appears to be some theories out there who think that Carol wasn’t the actual person who killed Karen and that she is possibly covering up for someone else (maybe Lizzie).  To be honest, I am still not convinced that Carol is actually the person who did the killing.  I guess only time will tell though.

**Was the shot of Tyreese standing over Carol as she tried to get some water out of the barrel not great foreshadowing?  We knew that Tyreese was incredibly upset by the death of Karen and bound and determined to direct that rage on the person responsible.  I thought the scene with him standing over Carol was ominous in the way that it was shot and I think a nod to the fact that Carol might have been the one responsible.

2.  Magic tea – Let’s hope that magic tea works.  I have to imagine that we are going to be losing a lot more people over the next few episodes to the zombie death flu.  And, I am a little hesitant to believe that Hershel’s tea is going to become some magic potion.  But, here is what I do know.  We can’t lose Glen.  We just can’t.  I need my Walking Dead to be mixed with a little love story and if Glen dies then I think the show is going to become way darker than anyone of us can handle.  So, I am crossing my fingers hoping that the tea buys a little bit of time for the rescue crew to get back with some medicine.

3.  Really, Tyreese didn’t get bit? – So, I think I might be in the minority on this, but I really wasn’t going to be upset if Tyreese died in this episode.  I haven’t yet watched more than a few episodes of The Wire (I know, it’s a shame), so I am not exactly attached to the actor or to Tyreese as a character.  And, let’s be honest, Tyreese has really been somewhat of a whiny little b*tch this season.  “Oh, I don’t like killing zombies…oh, I’m in love…oh, let me take out my frustration on someone who isn’t actually responsible for Karen’s death…”  (yup, that was my impression of Tyreese, spot on, right?) So, when the scene of him seemingly deciding to stay in the car while the zombies attacked came, it was safe to assume that I was comfortable with Tyreese dying.  In fact, it seemed like an appropriate thing for Tyreese to do…just give up.  Instead, however, we saw a turning point in Tyreese, I think.  We saw Tyreese demolish zombie after zombie with a hammer and it was intense.  It might be a little unrealistic that he didn’t get bit in that mass of zombies, but if Tyreese did survive unscathed than I think we are about to see a new Tyreese (one that could possibly be very dangerous).

4.  Why aren’t people locking the cells? – This has been a pet-peeve of mine since the beginning of the season.  I don’t understand why people haven’t been sleeping with their cell doors closed.  This would fix a lot of problems.  If someone turns into a zombie during the night, it doesn’t matter because they are trapped in their cell.   If a zombie wanders into a cell block during the night, it’s okay because you are locked in your little room and it can’t get you.  Yet, it still appears that this precaution isn’t being taken yet, especially in cell block A where all the sick people are.  Please start putting one person in each room and locking them in.  Let’s try and prevent more zombie on people attacks, thanks.

Apologies for the late post this week.  It was a hectic week at work.  And, I really don’t understand why I just can’t say to my boss…”umm, I can’t do that project right not, I am writing a post for my blog.”  What did y’all think of the episode?



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