Seriously, don’t ever call me mom.

I am attempting to get back to the regular review schedule this week.  Real work, be damned.  This week’s episode had a lot less action and a lot more talking, but I enjoyed the nice change of pace.  I found that this episode reminded me a lot of the Rick/Michonne/Carl road trip adventure that happened last season, which ended up having one of my favorite scenes (the Carl/Michonne mini-escapade).  We definitely got no real glimpse at what is happening inside the prison (and more specifically in cell block A) and instead focused on the six individuals who are out on “runs” searching for supplies.  Let’s get to talking before Rick asks us to leave the group as well…

1. The Rick-tatorship is back – So we have to start with the biggest event that happened in last night’s episode, Rick kicks Carol out of the group.  I probably should have seen it coming especially as Carol recapped her entire character history to Rick as they searched for supplies in the abandoned town.  But, I didn’t.  Do I feel bad that Carol is leaving?  Yeah, probably.  Especially since I have been enjoying her take-charge attitude and the her very amusing relationship with Daryl.  But, I also don’t feel too bad for her.  I mean, come on lady, you killed two people.  I am not saying that I don’t understand why she did it.  I really do think she thought she was doing what had to be done to save the larger group.  But, at some point, there has to be some kind of moral check on the group’s behavior.  Otherwise, what keeps these people from being any better than the zombies (or the Governor for that matter)?  I can’t imagine that Daryl is going to be happy when he returns and finds out what happened though.

*I seriously doubt that we have seen the last of Carol.  Characters on this show have a habit of reappearing.

**I can’t imagine that Tyreese is going to be happy with the fact that Rick let Carol go either.  While I am sure that Daryl would have wanted leniency for Carol, I am certain that Tyreese would have wanted a fate worse than banishment for her. 

2. Lizzie is crazy – While we didn’t get to see much of the prison life this episode, we did get one more chance to experience the craziness of Lizzie.  I repeatedly find myself screaming at Lizzie because this girl is nuts.  I don’t know what it is going to take to make her understand that these zombies are not people (or people that get to “come back”).  Zombies are bad Lizzie.  They are trying to eat you.  Please get this through your head.  I really am beginning to think that it was Lizzie who was feeding the zombies (although I still question whether the flashlight was too high for there to be a kid holding it).

3. Michonne gives up the Governor – We got some nice scenes with Michonne this week.  As I have said before, I am all about Michonne.  I am particularly glad to see that she has decided to give up her search for the Governor and is warming up to the idea of staying at the prison–mainly because this hopefully means that we will get more of Michonne for the rest of the season.  Michonne + Daryl = true love.  Ok, that is probably not true, but I do like their friendship that has developed.

4. Seriously, let go of the walker – In my last post, I said I thought there was a change in Tyreese as a character.  I thought he decided to give up his b*tch-ass ways after he got out of the car and miraculously managed to kill all those walkers.  It appears however that he hasn’t.  What I know for sure though is that he needs to stop acting like a fool.  I get that you are upset dude, but let’s try not and put other people’s lives in danger–especially not the lives of Daryl and Michonne.  Don’t worry I was yelling at him to let go of that walker too (he can totally hear me through the TV, right?).

5. Is there AA in the zombie apocalypse? – I can’t decide who I am more annoyed with this week…Bob or Tyreese.  Tyreese is so consumed with anger that he is making stupid decisions.  Bob is so consumed with his love of alcohol that he is making stupid decisions.  Neither of these guys is making it to the top of my favorite character list anytime soon.  What I do like about the development of both these characters though is that The Walking Dead is making it very clear that inside threats are just as terrible (if not more so) than the outside threats of zombies.  We are in episode 4 of this season and we have seen one big “inside” threat so far–the zombie death flu that is inside the prison.  On a smaller scale though, both Bob and Tyreese are showing that threats that come from “inside” one’s own self can be just as damaging as the actual zombies as well.  Bob’s love of the drink and Tyreese’s anger issues have caused both of them to make stupid and unsafe decisions this season and have put others and themselves in harms way.  It will be interesting to see what other “inside” threats occur throughout the rest of the season.

What did y’all think?




  1. Lizzie (Lizzy?) freaks me the hell out. I’m not a fan of her zombie empathy. Zombathy, if you will.

    I’m bummed to see Carol leave. Herr character development has been so interesting. But her banishment makes sense. In any case, as you’ve said, it probably won’t be the last of her.

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