the-walking-dead-review-live-bait-660x330Seriously, who doesn’t like spaghetti-os??

Nothing like waiting until the last minute.  That seems to be the trend with the blog these days.  But, I have 30 minutes left until this Sunday’s episode airs…so, we better get to talking and fast!

1.  So, that is what he has been up to – Much to my dismay, this episode of TWD focused entirely on The Governor.  Now, as I said last week, I like David Morrissey.  But, the crazy, cartoon-ish man that The Governor became last season was too much for me.  So, imagine my frustration when I had to watch an entire episode about him.  Let’s just say I was not pleased.  Unfortunately, I have no power in TWD world, so I will just have to suck it up and deal with the fact that we are back to living with The Governor.

We learned this week that The Governor got abandoned by his few homies that he didn’t kill at the end of last season (probably because he became dead-weight).  It appears that The Governor went through some sort of existential crisis in the months since his attack on the prison.  I find no fault in his compadres leaving him.  Frankly, I would have too, if I had witnessed him seemingly ignoring a walker that was coming straight for him.  In the zombie apocalypse, you can’t surround yourself with people like this.  It will surely lead to your downfall.

2.   Was there really a need to burn down Woodbury? – Now, The Governor standing in front of a burning Woodbury sure made an awesome image, but was there really a need for him to burn down that town?  If you are believing that The Governor is trying to separate himself from his past horrific actions, then I guess I can see his reasoning in destroying the town where so many horrible things took place.  I suppose we are to assume that by extinguishing the town from existence, The Governor is also attempting to extinguish his prior evil-self.  I just have a hard time believe that this guy is going to be able to change.

3.  Looks like he got a new family – I understand the idea that giving The Governor a new “family” and someone else to care about could do some good in rehabilitating his image.  Afterall, if the audience sees him saving these people enough times, maybe they will forget what a horrible human being The Governor actually is, right?  My problem is that the scenario just seemed a little too predictable to me.  Oh, The Governor had a daughter…now there is a new little girl that needs his help.  Shocking.

4.  How could you think leaving the apartment was a good idea? – I really don’t see how anyone in this group thought that leaving the apartment (that was safe and stocked with food) in an old beat-up truck was a smart move?  Why did these people leave this obviously good situation for a dangerous unknown life on the road?  It makes no sense whatsoever.  And, why did The Governor agree to take these three women with him on the road when it was clear that they have no survival skills whatsoever?  Heck, these fools didn’t even know how to kill a zombie before The Governor showed up!

5.  What happens now? – I can’t buy into this whole “reborn” Governor idea.  The scene with him creepily looking over the prison showed too much hate and evil in his eyes (or should I say “eye”).  So, what happens between now and when he reappears at the prison?  Because I surely don’t believe that this guy has changed.

What did y’all think??



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