Golf will never be the same…

Look at this, it hasn’t even been 24 hours since this week’s episode of The Walking Dead aired and we are posting our review.  [Insert virtual pat on the back].  Hopefully, this becomes more of the norm, instead of the last minute blog posts.  Although forcing yourself to think about the previous episode right before the new one airs does have some benefits.  I will admit that I felt fully prepared to see what The Governor had in store for us this week.  So, let’s get to talking…

1.  Seriously, still no prison gang – TWD, you are killing me.  Another full week of The Governor?!  And, to make it worse, we are back to the crazy, violence-loving guy that I hate.  I guess the writers decided that redemption for The Governor wasn’t going to happen.  We all likely knew that was coming, especially given the face-off between The Governor and the prison gang that has been alluded to over and over again.  But, why was I forced to watch two full episodes of this mad-man when nothing has really changed for him?  Come on!

2.  Not Michonne! – Yes, I was screaming at the TV last night when The Governor had his gun pointed at Michonne.  Full on screaming.  (Again, be glad you don’t have to watch this show with me).  The previews indicate that one of prison gang will die in next week’s mid-season finale.  And, it is clear that The Governor has his “eye” set on Michonne.  But, please please, let’s not kill her off, or Rick, or Daryl, or Glen, or Hershel, or Maggie…  My vote is for Bob.  Ain’t nobody got time for this alcoholic in the zombie apocalypse.

3.  The psycho is back – As I mentioned before, the psychopath Governor is back.  And, I am not a fan.  Seriously, what was the point of the entire last episode if The Governor ends up just being as crazy as he was before?  I mean, I get the whole angle that the show was trying to go for–let’s show The Governor trying to keep his evilness in check, but then ultimately being unable to do so.  I think the problem is that I am just tired of The Governor.  I find him to be uninteresting and simply annoying.  Because of this, I am looking forward to next week’s episode a lot…but not because I want to see a huge battle; instead, because I am hoping The Governor will die and I won’t ever have to see his pirate-patch again.

*Side note – although I didn’t think it at the time, all those signs nailed onto the headless bodies described The Governor, didn’t they?  Liar, murderer, rapist??  Sounds like him to me.

4.  Here is what I am concerned about – Beyond being worried about who the zombie flu has next attacked or how Daryl handled the news about Carol, I am worried about whether the prison population will even stand a chance against The Governor’s crew and that tank!  Taking on The Governor the first time around when everyone was healthy was hard enough, but is anyone beyond Carl strong enough for an all-out battle??  This is what keeps me up at night.  (Well, that and never being to un-see Olivia Pope’s mom chew her own arm off…yeah that happened on Scandal last week.)

What did y’all think?


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