You know what seems like a good idea… shooting a tank at the building you hope to call “home.”  Oh wait.  That is just stupid.

It’s been a week since the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead aired and after much soul-searching, I think I am finally willing to admit to my husband and the rest of the world that I am disappointed.  Wow, that was hard to say.  After such a promising two thirds of a season, I feel like we are back in the same place we were in Season 3…once again dealing with the stupid storyline of The Governor.  The only saving grace of this last episode is that at least we can say The Governor is now gone.  Let’s get to talking…

1.  Let’s face it, this episode was sloppy – I have no problem with The Walking Dead taking huge logical leaps, heck, we are dealing with a show about the zombie apocalypse.  But, this last hour felt like the show didn’t really care that it was forcing its viewers to watch a preposterous storyline.  For instance, Meghan dies at the hands (or rather the mouth) of a buried zombie.*  And, then her mother has the time to walk all the way to the prison so that she can show The Governor what has happened.  Umm, excuse me?  I was lead to believe that the distance between The Governor’s camp and the prison was a little farther away than the 2 minute walk it took for Lily to get there.  Apparently the writers wanted Lily there so that she could shoot The Governor at the end, but was that really necessary?**  I would argue no.  Further, when did Michonne get the ability to teleport because that is clearly the only explanation for her ability to disappear and reappear at a moments notice.  I am glad Michonne got her revenge, but, really, we are supposed to believe that no one else came close to The Governor and Rick as they engaged in a fist fight, however, Michonne just was able to walk right up and stab him?  This was just stupid.

*I will never be able to understand why parents continue to let their kids roam around unsupervised.  Didn’t Meghan just get attacked like an episode ago from a zombie while playing tag?  Maybe we shouldn’t let her dig alone by herself.  Zombies are everywhere people!  Get that through your head.

**Also, why didn’t Meghan turn into a zombie on the way over to the prison?  This would have to mean that the prison was very, very close.  And, why had Rick and company never come across this group of people before?

2.  The Governor – This is what I really don’t understand…What was the point of making me watch 2 full episodes of The Governor because in the end he turned out to be the same crazy-ass character that he has always been.  If the show wanted The Governor to be some insane-villain fine.  I will accept that.  But, everything that happened in the mid-season finale made the foundation the writers incorporated about The Governor meaningless.  Clearly, The Governor wasn’t trying to attack the prison so that his group could have a safe place to live, otherwise why the heck would he have brought a tank to destroy the buildings he hoped to inhabit?  The Governor sole purpose was to kill Rick.  If the show wanted that to be his purpose, fine, but don’t make we watch him play daddy to a girl that he really didn’t care about and hook up with his new love interest.  We could have gotten to the same place of The Governor attacking the prison in the end with a few short scenes of him of him finding a new group and making plans.  There was no need for 2 straight Governor episodes.  NO NEED.

3.  Once again, Lizzie is the worst – Seriously, Lizzie, you abandon baby Judith so that you can “be brave.”  That is just stupid.  You don’t leave a baby in the open by herself!  Now whether Judith is dead or not, I guess we will have to wait and see.  I am holding out hope that she isn’t (also, I think the show might be too chicken to actually kill off a baby).  Going back to the sloppiness point above, was there really a need for Lizzie’s speech about doing what Carol taught her and being brave?  No, there wasn’t.  All you needed was to show Lizzie shooting the zombie and saving Tyreese and the audience would have gotten the message.  A little too heavy-handed for me.

4.  Goodbye Hershel – So, CJ and I made guesses at who we thought would die in this episode and both guessed Hershel.  I mean, it was kind of obvious, right?  If for no other reason than the big character arc that Hershel has gotten over this first half of season 4.  That isn’t to say that I am not going to miss Hershel completely.  He was the wise, understanding character in the bunch.  One who always seemed to be able to keep a level-head.  I have a feeling that there will be a big hole in the show, that might not be easy to replace.

5.  Splits-ville – The group has split dramatically and that no one seems to be going in the same direction.  Here is a recap of where everyone is (or appears to be):  Glen on the bus (with none of the other main characters, right?); Tyreese with Lizzie and Minka; Maggie with Bob (who is shot) and Sasha; Daryl with Beth; and Rick with Carl.  I can only assume that Michonne will be teleporting between the groups.

What did y’all think?


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