I would say that this week’s episode was again relatively non-eventful.  Unless you count Edith’s pregnancy (but, come on, that wasn’t a surprise) or Rose’s scheme to bring Jack Ross to Downton (again, we knew we would see him again).  Again, Robert Crowley has taken a backseat this week on the annoyance-scale and we have a knew “winner” for least likely to deserve a punch.  Let’s get to the list though before Edith stops sobbing in a corner again.

19.  Alfred – No punch for you this week, just a big congrats!  Best wishes in cooking school!

18.  Cora Crowley – Thank you for saving Anna and Bates from that snobby maître d’ and for giving them a ride home.  Well played.

17.  Mrs. Pattmore – Your swooning over Rudolph Valentino only made me love you more!

16.  Violet – Your apology to Peg was very very nice and earned you points this week.  But, you probably shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions about him in the first place.

15.  Jack Ross – I really like you.  But, you and Rose are going to create a lot of chaos.

14.  Rose – Oh, Rose, you silly girl.  You are going to get yourself in trouble.

13.  Mary – I feel like you should cut Rose some slack, remember when you were young and doing stupid things…I do!

12.  Robert Crowley – Who would have thought you would make it this far down the list?  Not me.  Good job comforting Edith.  I have a feeling this stuff with Uncle Harold is not going to go well though.

11.  Molesley – Ha, you still don’t get called by your first name.  I think that might be karma.

10.  Carson – While Carson is great with Alfred, he certainly isn’t very nice to Molesley (not that Molesley doesn’t deserve some of it).  Also, could the Carson and Jack Ross conversation have been any more awkward and uncomfortable?  Accept some change Mr. Carson.

9.  Ivy and Daisy – Daisy, it’s not nice for you to take out your emotions on Ivy, even if Ivy deserved it.  At least with Alfred gone, maybe Daisy can move on and this stupid love-square can be over already.

8.  Charles Blake and Evelyn Napier – Napier was pretty much sidelined this week, but Charles Blake was certainly an ass.  Don’t you know that you shouldn’t pass judgment on people until you get to know them, Mr. Blake (even if that person is Mary)?  How much do you want to bet that Mary ultimately decides to go for Blake over Napier?  What’s that saying about nice guys again?

7.  Tom – You are still very boring.

6.  Isobel – I have given you time to grieve for your son, but no more.  Stop with all of your righteousness.  I know that Violet can be pig-headed sometimes, but you are just as bad.  Gloating is not becoming on anyone.

5.  Baxter – Stop telling secrets!! Or, at least tell me what Thomas has on you, so that I can understand your motivation.

4.  Edith and Michael Gregson – So Edith is knocked-up and Gregson has gone M.I.A.  Great, just great Edith.  You were starting to become a really interesting character and now all we get is you sobbing in the corner all episode.  I am sorry you are pregnant, but I am more sorry that the writers couldn’t give you a more interesting storyline than an unplanned pregnancy.

3.  Bates and Anna – Really, you guys can’t even enjoy a dinner together?  And, Bates, stop brooding.  Why can’t someone at Downton be happy ever?

2.  Thomas – Ok, so can someone please explain to me what Thomas’s actual job is, because I really can’t tell anymore.  All he seems to do is lurk around and threaten people.  Do something productive dude!

1.  Jimmy – Jimmy definitely deserves the biggest punch in the face this week.  Seriously, Jimmy…when did you become such a royal pain the butt?  All you do is sulk around the house and say rude things to people.  And, now you are getting fresh with Ivy?  You probably deserve a good kick in the nuts too.



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