Get ready folks, The Walking Dead is back this Sunday (insert cheers or zombie growls here)!  We, here at YBTV, felt like a little refresher course in the events of the first-half of season 4 might be helpful to put us in the right mindset for Sunday night.  So, here are some things that you don’t want to forget about season 4 thus far.

6.  Poor rats and bunnies – Don’t forget that there appeared to be some crazed lunatic who was feeding rats to the zombies in the first-half of season 4.  Also, Tyreese found a dissected bunny in the mid-season finale.  We really don’t have much of a story as to who has been torturing these animals, but it seems that someone isn’t completely right in the head.  My money is on Bob or Lizzie.  This could become more of a focal point now that the groups are much smaller.


5.  Judith is M.I.A. – Yes, Lizzie and company abandoned Judith in the midst of the prison battle (stupid, stupid girl) and Carl and Rick found a bloody car seat.  But, we certainly didn’t see a dead baby in the midseason finale, so that begs the question…Is Judith still alive?  There has of course been much speculation that Tyreese is actually carrying the baby while he is running away.  I personally don’t think we have seen the last of Judith.


4.  Carol got kicked out – Although we don’t have much of a ‘”group” at the moment, don’t forget that Carol was coldly cut out of the group by Rick in episode 4 of this season.  We know that Carol admitted to killing Karen and David, but that’s about all we know of Carol at the moment.  She is set to make a return appearance in this back-half of the season, but when and where we don’t know.  I feel like she has to come across Tyreese doesn’t she?


3.  Who was on the radio? – Remember when Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, and Bob heard that mysterious radio broadcast?  It is easy to forget about that part of episode 3 because the group quickly encounters a herd of zombies, but who was on the radio?  And, what does that mean for the group?  The radio transmission is set to be revisited in the second-half of this season.


2.  Hershel is dead – R.I.P. Hershel.  I am still not sure that I am quite over this event from the mid-season finale.  Seriously, how am I and the group going to survive without Hershel?  I assume that it means Bob might play a bigger role, since he is now the resident doctor in the group.  Also, Danai Gurira has indicated that Michonne has taken the death of Hershel pretty hard and now that she is all alone, we can only imagine what sort of mental problems she is facing.


1.  Splitsville – Probably the biggest thing that happened in the beginning of season 4 is that the group has been split into fragments.  So here is a refresher for you:


  • Carol is alone (we presume) – we have no clue where is she or when she will reappear
  • Rick and Carl are together – although Rick appears to be pretty hurt
  • Glen is alone (with a bus full of people) – we aren’t sure who else is on the bus or who is even driving it (there is some speculation that Lilly’s sister Tara is actually driving the bus)
  • Daryl is with Beth – I am most excited about this pairing
  • Tyreese is with the kids – and maybe baby Judith
  • Maggie, Bob, and Sasha are together – Sasha is still kinda sick and Bob is shot (and my guess mentally unstable)
  • Michonne is on her own
  • Who knows where Lilly is – although I am not sure that we care

Sunday really can’t come soon enough!



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