That’s right, I am finally doing a much-overdue Walking Dead post.  Apologies for the delay.  February has been a hectic month for us:  lots of travel, busy at work, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  I personally blame the depression from turning 30 as the reason I have not been motivated to write a blog-post.  But, enough about me…let’s talk about what is happening on The Walking Dead.

*Because I am so behind in commenting on The Walking Dead since it returned to TV, you are going to get one post about the last 3 episodes.  Sorry, but, we all need to put on our big-girl panties and deal with it.

1.  I think I actually like Carl – Carl has become a less and less annoying character as the show has continued, partly due to the fact that the character has grown up a bit.  That is not to say that he still doesn’t have his moments when he acts like a child (see the temper tantrums in “After”).  But, still, I am starting to like the kid.  Especially when he is hanging out with Michonne.  The Michonne and Carl pairing is one of the best ones on the show and often times gives some of the funnier and more heart-felt moments, which, let’s be honest, we need.  Now, if only I could stop screaming “Judith is alive” at the TV constantly (I’m sure my husband appreciates that so much).

*If Tyreese and co. is heading towards Sanctuary and Rick/Michonne/Carl is heading there too, it seems that we will have a reunion in the future.  It also might be possible that Glenn’s group is heading there as well since they were following some train tracks.

2.  “Inmates” was not my favorite episode – What splitting the group into smaller groups has shown me, is that I really, really don’t like some people.  I think we can all agree that crazy Lizzie and her sister Mika are the worst, seriously, the worst.  I am fairly certain that Lizzie is a psychopath (you saw more dead bunnies, right?) and her sister is an idiot.  Having to watch the two of them and Tyreese bumble their way through the forest in episode 410 was awful and stupid.  Also, having them run into Carol at the end of that episode was just too coincidental.  At what point will she tell Tyreese about Karen?  You know, what, I don’t even care.  Very over that storyline.

3.  Beth’s voiceovers – What’s up with Beth’s voiceovers?  We got plenty of them in episode 410 and the previews for next week make it seem like we will be getting more of them.  I assume the show is trying to give Beth a more central role, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I just wish I didn’t feel like the character and her optimism wasn’t getting shoved in my face constantly.  Let’s please have Beth and Daryl do something other than wander around debating whether you should view the world as sunshine and rainbows or as the crap-fest it has turned into.

4.  Glenn got off the bus – So, Glenn got off the bus.  Was anyone else wondering when that exactly happened and how he was able to get himself that high in the prison when he was on his deathbed?  Nonetheless, I am glad Glenn didn’t die like the rest of the bus-riders.  I also kind of like his pairing with Tara.  Hopefully there isn’t a love-triangle story coming in the future though, because I love Maggie and Glenn.  PS.  Let’s not pretend like Glenn’s riot gear wasn’t totally bad-ass.

5.  The new kids – We got more of the new kids on the block in this past week’s episode.  In case you can’t remember their names, we have Sergeant Abraham Ford, Rosita Espinoza, and Dr. Eugene Porter.  So, Dr. Eugene thinks he knows what caused this whole mess, great, could he please clue us in also?  I haven’t decided whether I believe this doctor or not.  And, his inability to use a gun, isn’t really helping me buy his credibility.

6.  Bathroom guy – Let’s pause and reflect on the awesomeness of Rick strangling the bathroom guy and then leaving the door open for zombie bathroom guy to potentially take out some of the other bad dudes squatting in Rick, Michonne, and Carl’s house.  Genius.  I can’t imagine that we will see the end of this band of largely unknown and seemingly very bad men.

What have y’all thought about this half of the season so far?



One thought on “THE WALKING DEAD 409, 410, 411: AFTER, INMATES, CLAIMED

  1. I’m loving your reviews. I agree with you, I’m very surprised but I’m also starting to like Carl. I think partly because Lori isn’t nagging us anymore about how she doesn’t know where he is. I really never liked Lori.

    Anyway, I don’t mind Beth’s voiceovers. I like to see the comparison between her diary entries and how bad her life is then. She keeps saying, “I’ll stay positive for daddy” and stuff like that so now that Hershell’s not around it makes me wonder if she’s just gonna fall apart and go all Rick on us bahaha

    The bathroom guy kill was definitely one of the coolest things Rick has ever done. I’m also starting to like him 😀

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