I am giving myself a virtual pat on the back for timely posting this Walking Dead review.  I am also silently cheering in my head, “LJ, LJ, LJ!”  Given the recent posting inconsistencies on the blog, I feel like this self-praise is totally justified, right?  Anyways, this week we spent an hour with Beth and Daryl, which I LOVED.  Come on, it’s Daryl.  I would spend a lifetime watching Daryl.  Personally, I think we need a Walking Dead spin-off which follows Daryl in his pre-zombie apocalypse life.  Anyways, let’s get to talking.

1.  I would have gone for the peach schnapps – Don’t get my wrong, the moonshine discovery ended up leading to a very intense and much needed conversation between Beth and Daryl about life both before and after the zombies.  But, when Beth originally found the peach schnapps, I couldn’t help but think now that is the perfect first drink for a teenager.  I enjoy when events happen in The Walking Dead world could also happen in a non-zombie world (like Carl trying to convince his dad that he is a “grown-up”).  And, Beth having peach schnapps as her first drink would have also likely happened in a non-zombie world.

2.  “Never have I ever” – So Beth and Daryl playing “never have I ever” might have been the greatest thing to happen on The Walking Dead this season.  If you have never played the game, then I hate to break it to you, but you did your teenage years wrong.  Albeit, this is a much darker version (I was really hoping for statements like “never have I ever been skinny dipping” and the like), but I got a great laugh out of Beth convincing Daryl to play.

3.  Speaking of laughs – In the world of The Walking Dead, as I have mentioned several times, humor is a much needed thing.  And, Daryl beating the crap out of the zombie with the golf club, while simultaneously messing up Beth’s new outfit was hilarious.  Was anyone else hoping that Beth was going to take the string of pearls off the “Rich Bitch” zombie and add it to her ensemble?

4.  Beth turns out to be the strong one – Who would have thought when Daryl and Beth got paired up that Daryl would end up needing Beth just as much as she needs him?  Beth’s honesty about the fact that she will likely die shows that she has come to terms with this zombie apocalypse much better than Daryl in some respects.  Whether its Rick or Carol or now Beth, Daryl seems to need an emotional support system to carry on and I am glad that he has found one with Beth.

5.  F*ck you – I know a lot in terms of the big picture story didn’t happen in this episode but the final scene with Beth and Daryl sticking up their middle fingers to the past sure the hell was worth the drama of looking for booze.

6.  Romance – There has been a lot of talk on the internet regarding Beth and Daryl’s relationship, i.e., whether it is more of a brother/sister one or whether it will turn romantic.  Look, I love me some zombies, but you know what is better than zombies…zombies plus a new romance.  So, I am on Team Beth and Daryl, and I say go for it.  Age means nothing in the zombie apocalypse.  Plus, who else is Beth supposed to date, Carl?  Vomit.

7.  Trunk – Hiding in the trunk.  Genius.

What did y’all think?


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