Amazon-622x414As many of you may know, at the beginning of February, Amazon released a set of 5 pilots (some pilots for kid shows were also released).  The shows are a mixture:  you’ve got one about the apocalypse, one about a football team, and one about the shockingly sex-filled world of classical music.  Some were great, some were good, and some were ugly.  I have now finally managed to watch all 5.  Here are my thoughts on the ones you should give the time of day to.  Take it for what it is worth (which, let’s be honest, isn’t that much).

1.  Mozart in the Jungle – This was my favorite of the pilots.  One could argue that it wasn’t the best of all the pilots, but it is the one that I definitely would want to keep watching.  If the title doesn’t give it away, this show brings us into the world of classical music.  Lola Kirke plays a struggling oboist (yup, she plays the oboe and yup, I had to look up how to spell oboe) trying to make it in NYC like most twenty-somethings.  She is befriended by a cellist in the pilot who gets her an audition for the famous Manhattan orchestra.  Oh and don’t worry, she meets a super cute wannabe actor in the pilot as well.  Good music, possible romance, and probably some drama.  I’m sold.


2.  Transparent – Transparent takes more thought and is potentially a more complicated show than Mozart in the Jungle.  The shining star in it is Jeffrey Tambor, who plays the patriarch of a family full of dysfunctional children (really these people are grown-ass adults).  I won’t reveal it because it is by far the best part of the pilot, but Tambor’s character Mort has a secret that he desperately wants to reveal to his children.  This show has the potential to delve deep into the characters and into a dysfunctional family that seems to be routed in love.  I’m intrigued.


3.  Bosch – Now this is a show that I wasn’t expecting to like.  I am generally not into cop shows (unless it is Rookie Blue–which I have an unhealthy obsession with), but by the end of it I was interested and disappointed that I couldn’t watch more.  Harry Bosch, played by Titus Welliver, is an angry detective facing a civil trial over the shooting of most-likely bad-dude.  At the same time, he stumbles into a case involving a missing child’s bones found in the woods.  I didn’t come away from the pilot particularly carrying about Bosch, but I did want to know what happened to the dead kid and how the heck he ended up in the woods.  Plus, seeing The Walking Dead’s Hershel in the episode didn’t hurt either.


4.  The Rebels – Rebels doesn’t have a complicated premise.  Natalie Zea plays the wife of dead football team’s owner (who not surprisingly used to be a former cheerleader).  The pilot addresses the question of whether the wife will take over the team herself or sell.  I would say the pilot was predictable and I probably wouldn’t keep watching if it wasn’t for my love of Natalie Zea (hello Justified fans).  But, damn, that girl looks good in shorts and I could watch her all day.  (and, yes, I am a straight woman).


5.  The After – Nope, not interested at all.  An apocalypse story by X-Files creator Chris Carter.  A group of 8 people end up together trying to navigate the world after what appears to be the apocalypse has occurred.  I found the characters to be one-dimensional and the story to be kind of boring (even with all the chaos happening).  Most importantly, I didn’t end up caring about anyone by the end of the episode.  Creepiness does happen in the last scene though.  Here is your warning.


If you decide to watch any of the pilots, be sure to leave feedback for Amazon.  We watched through our Roku by using our Amazon Prime account.  It looks like you can watch them online too.  Just try googling Amazon Pilots.  You will find them.  Update:  It appears that the pilots may only remain available through this coming weekend, so watch quickly people!

What did y’all think?



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