One of the best shows in 2013 was without a doubt Rectify (Sundance channel).  It made it into the top 10 of both CJ’s and my best of 2013 lists.  We have known that Rectify would comeback for a second season, but Sundance TV just announced that Rectify will return on Thursday, June 19th at 9 p.m.

Rectify (at least the first season) focuses on the life of former death row inmate Daniel Holden (Aden Young–who had one of the best performances in all of TV last year).  Daniel is newly released from prison and is attempting to reintegrate back into life after being gone for almost 20 years.  However, both his community and parts of his family aren’t necessarily welcoming Daniel back with open arms.

In addition to watching Daniel trying to find his way and his place, there is an underlying story about the crime Daniel was sent to prison for (namely, the murder and rape of a fellow teenage girl).  It’s entirely possible that Daniel did commit the crime, but there are also clues that Daniel may have been a scapegoat for some other bad dudes.

Personally, we can’t wait!  Watch season 1 and get caught up before June!

-LJ & CJ

*It looks like you can purchase the first season through Amazon.  Sundance is pretty good about getting their stuff up on Netflix though, so season 1 may become available at some point.

Update:  Season 1 is available on Netflix now.  Start watching.  You have until June.  Also, it looks like we are getting a 10 episode season 2 (season 1 was only 6 episodes).


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