Yup, we have another update for you.  This one related to Archer.  While, I (LJ), don’t personally watch Archer, CJ definitely does.  Here are his thoughts on the news that Archer has been renewed.  There is also a possibility that Archer will go into syndication as well.

“Yesterday afternoon, FX made the brilliant decision to renew Archer for two additional seasons, each consisting of 13 episodes in the Danger Zone.  There are very few TV renewals that could make me happier than learning there will be more Archer.  While it isn’t necessarily the show I look forward to most each year, there are very few shows that provide me as much joy as Archer provides on a weekly basis.  For this season, Adam Reed turned the show on its head, completely abandoning the spy story that had been the center of the show for the past four years because he was ‘bored’ with it.  The story has moved to a drug dealing plot in the current season, but the great thing going forward is that Reed can likely take this story anywhere he wants and tell whatever story interests him that day.  And that is something for us all to look forward to.”

Archer’s fifth season is currently airing on Mondays on FX.  The first 3 seasons are available for streaming Netflix and on Amazon Prime.

-CJ & LJ


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