So today was (and is for a few more hours) none other than Mr. Bryan Cranston’s birthday.  By now you have figured out that we are pretty obsessed with Breaking Bad here at YBTV.  I (LJ) am beyond obsessed.  It is without a doubt my favorite TV of all time and what I believe to be the best TV show ever.  Yeah, that’s right, I said it.  Let’s not get into a debate about that though.  Instead, let’s celebrate this occasion by remembering just how awesome Mr. Cranston was on Breaking Bad as Mr. Walter White.  Here are some of our favorite Walter White moments:

7.  “This is my confession” (Season 5, episode 11 “Confessions”) – After a cheery dinner at a Mexican restaurant (that specializes in table-side guacamole), we get to see Walt’s “confession” video.  I, for one, was shocked by the video.  And, how dubious and well-thought out Walter’s actions were.  What I like most is we have Cranston playing Heinsberg who is actually doing his best to act like Walter White (was that meta enough for you).  Well played, Señor White.

6.  “Say my name” (Season 5, episode 7 “Say My Name”) – By this point in the show, there is no more Walter White.  There is only Heinsberg.  And, Heinsberg has a god-like complex and let’s be honest he is pretty much an a-hole.  Cranston plays Heinsberg beautifully in this scene and, in my opinion, makes the audience (and everyone in the scene) actually despise the man Walt has become.

5.  “I won” (Season 4, episode 13 “Face Off”) – I am not going to pretend that Gus’s face being blown off wasn’t the ultimate moment in this episode or one of the all time greatest moments in Breaking Bad history.  But, Walter’s chilling cellphone call to Skyler at the end is disturbing on so many levels.

4.  “Run” (Season 3, episode 12 “Half Measures”) – Remember when Walter White wasn’t all bad.  I would like to believe that Walt wasn’t always thinking about himself.  Even if these moments are few and far between.  When he saved Jesse in this episode, Mr. White won points with me.  I mean, come on, HE SAVED JESSE.

3.  “Where is the money?” (Season 4, episode 11 “Crawl Space:”) – I mean can anything really be said about this moment other than that Cranston is brilliant.  Gus is going to kill Walt and his family and when Walt goes looking for his “runaway” money, it’s gone.  The laughing is what I cannot get over.  Cranston’s ability to convey the desperateness and the irony of this scene with a hysterical laugh is on another level.

2.  “I  am the one who knocks” (Season 4, episode 6 “Cornered”) – Without a doubt, this was my favorite Walter White scene and my favorite Walter White line of all time.  Heck, the quote is on my cellphone case (yes, I am a dork).  In my mind, this is the beginning of Skyler truly realizing what her husband is capable of and what he is turning into.

1.  “My baby blue” (Season 5, episode 16 “Felina”) – Ok, so Cranston doesn’t utter a word in this last scene.  But his performance is epic.  The look in his eyes, the song playing in the background, his death.  THIS SCENE IS EVERYTHING.  EVERYTHING.

I can’t keep going.  There is too much gloriousness to properly convey in a blog.  I suggest you just watch all 5 seasons over again.  I know I have left many perfect Cranston moments out and we can argue forever about which scenes were the best, but one thing is for sure:  Bryan Cranston is phenomenal and we hope he enjoyed his birthday!  As Jesse would say:



PS.  Hope he didn’t forget his birthday bacon.

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