As the poster indicates, season 3 is set to premiere April 6th on HBO.  While season 1 was good, I personally thought season 2 was great.  Stop reading this though if you haven’t seen season 2 and you don’t want any spoilers.

We ended season 2 with VP Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) learning that POTUS wouldn’t be running for a second term and Selina, herself, deciding to make a run for the presidency.  Because of this, Selina will be hitting the road in season 3, making stops in Detroit, London, and Silicon Valley.  We know how Selina’s last big trip (to Finland) in season 2 went.  Hopefully, in season 3, Selina will be able to avoid offending everyone she meets and another grope-gate.  But, I seriously doubt that will happen.

Update:  The season 3 trailer has now been released.  Here you go VEEPers.

Here is the previously released sneak peek of VEEP season 3.  Enjoy!

And, a few other videos and teasers you might have missed.



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