This is definitely the “what about Bob” episode of the season.  So, I figured we might as well give Bob the honor of having his picture on this week’s review.  Judging from the largely un-interestingness of his character, I think it safe to say that this may be a one time thing.  Who knows though.  Anything can happen in The Walking Dead right?  Let’s get to talking.

1.  NOOOO, BETH!! – Yes, I screamed that in the middle of the episode this week.  Who the heck has Beth and why have they taken her?  I am traumatized.  Once again The Walking Dead is very good at reminding the viewers that walkers aren’t the only thing to fear in the zombie apocalypse.  Humans are still pretty horrible too.  Interestingly, the in depth character analysis of Beth and Daryl in last week’s episode was apparently effective on me because I now care deeply about what is going to happen to Beth.  I want her to be okay.  I want bad things not to happen to her.  And, I want her and Daryl to continue whatever relationship they are having (whether it is friendship or love, or whatever).  I somehow doubt I will get my wish.

2.  Poor Daryl – There are soo many things to talk about related to Daryl this week.  First, I was so happy to see that he was finally willing to let a little positive outlook into his life.  Second, him scraping the makeup or gel or whatever off the dead zombies face, super gross.  Third, Daryl you are so badass at killing zombies.  How did you get out of that mortuary alive?  Finally, my heart broke for you as you sat in the middle of the street not knowing which way Beth went.  I am afraid that any shred of hope left in you is gone.  And, I am more afraid that you will revert back to your pre-zombie days where you just followed Meryl around doing bad things (although this time you will be in a group of really bad dudes).  Is it possible that you are just going to pretend to be bad until you figure everything out?  Something tells me we won’t find this out for awhile.

3.  Bobby – Not going to lie, Bob, I kinda wanted to punch you in the face with all of your smiling.  I mean, I get it.  When the prison got attacked, you managed to gain a “family” (with Maggie and Sasha), which for you, seems like a pretty good deal.  But, seriously, stop smiling.  Sasha and Maggie are going through some serious stuff right now and you smiling might be bothering them as much as it is bothering me.

4.  Defense mechanisms – Not literal, more the psychological ones I mean.  We don’t know that much about Sasha other than she is Tyreese’s sister and was part of another group and lived in Woodbury for a bit.  Clearly, she is trying to deal with what happened in the prison by not dealing with it at all.  But, we don’t have enough of her backstory to understand why she is choosing to deal with the potential loss of her brother this way.  At least with Michonne, we knew she had lost a kid, so presumably losing her “family” again turned her into an emotional zombie for a period of time.  But, we know nothing about Sasha.  So, to me, it just seems like she is being a poop-face.  Yup, a poop-face.  I said it.

5.  Terminus – We don’t read the comics, so I really don’t know anything about this place (and please don’t tell me anything if you have read them).  But, something bad is going to happen right, if literally everyone is going to venture there?  As of now, we know that Carol, Tyreese, kiddos, Rick, Michonne, Carl, Maggie, Sasha, Bob, and now presumably Glen and co. are all heading that direction.  I don’t feel good about this one bit.

6.  The puppy – I know the dog in this episode was somewhat minor.  But, according to The Talking, the one-eyed dog, Dooley, actually lost his eye in real life while saving his owner from a carjackers.  *Tear.  I hope you are surviving the zombie apocalypse as well.

What did y’all think?  I am really not looking forward to next week where it appears that Lizzie and her sister will be back.  They are still the worst.


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