We don’t talk about Shameless enough on this blog.  It is definitely one of my favorite shows on TV.  And, while the Gallaghers are going through some tough, tough stuff right now (that is often times hard to watch), this dark comedy is having another fantastic season in my opinion.  This year some new characters were added to the show and one in particular has apparently made her mark.  Showtime has promoted Emily Bergl to a series regular for season 5.

Bergl is currently completing a 10-episode arc as Sammi Gallagher, a long-lost daughter of Frank Gallagher (played by William H. Macy).  Sammi has spent most of the season getting to know her dad, as well as her many siblings, and taking care of Frank as he withers away (and hopefully dies…I love William H. Macy, but Frank is the worst human ever).  With Fiona struggling and continuing to spiral downward, it will be interesting to see whether Sammi takes over the role of matriarch of the family and how Fiona deals with it.  We already can tell that Debbie is quickly bonding with Sammi.

I feel bad for Fiona this season, but I have been enjoying Sammi and the more time she spends in the world of the Gallaghers, the more and more I like her.  If she is a true Gallagher though, at some point, her self-destructive behavior will take a toll and hopefully we will be around to see it.

Congrats to Emily Bergl and if you haven’t been watching Shameless.  Start.  Like yesterday.



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