FINALLY.  The moment I have been waiting for since we first saw crazy Lizzie naming the walkers.*  Lizzie is gone.  Unfortunately though, so is her sister.  Not that I was attached to Mika, but that has to be one of the most brutal deaths in Walking Dead history.  And, we didn’t even see it!  Anyways, let’s get to talking probably about one of the most controversial episodes so far in the show.  (At least, I am assuming there is some backlash for killing a kid.)

*To be fair, I have not necessarily been plotting Lizzie’s death since she first appeared on screen (also, I can’t remember if her and the other kids naming the walkers was Lizzie’s first appearance, but it was at least the first one I can recall off the top of my head).  But, we have all known that this girl has been a psycho, so for the safety of everyone and for my own sanity, I am glad she is gone.  Now, do I feel great about the execution of a child…no, even in the zombie apocalypse that is a tough pill to swallow.

1.  Did Carol and Tyreese make the right decision?  This, I am sure, there is some disagreement about, but I ultimately think Carol and Tyreese did make the right decision, especially after the many wrong decisions that had been made with respect to Lizzie (i.e., leaving her alone with the other children repeatedly).  This episode brings about a tough question though, what do you do with someone who is a psychopath in the zombie apocalypse?

If that person is an adult, you kill them.  No question.  I feel like that is a decision anyone can easily make.  But, what if that person is a child?  There aren’t any mental institutions anymore, so you have three options: (1) you keep the psycho with you; (2) you leave the psycho to fend for herself; or (3) you kill the psycho.  Admittedly, none of these are great options.  But, then again, is there ever really a great option in The Walking Dead world?  No, every option sucks, so you try and pick the one that sucks the least (that is my expert analysis anyways).  Carol and Tyreese could not keep Lizzie with them.  She had already told them that she planned to dissect Judith, just like she did Mika.  And, it is virtually impossible for them to watch Lizzie 24/7.  Further, they also can’t take her around any other people now that they are aware that Lizzie is capable of killing any living person.  So, option 1 is definitely out.  I personally think leaving Lizzie alone is the cruelest option and would almost certainly end up with her turning into a zombie and hurting others.  So, you are left with option 3.  Yes, it is disturbing to think about and disturbing to watch.  But, there is literally no other viable option.  The zombie apocalypse is about making tough choices and this was a choice that I think Carol and Tyreese had to make.  And, frankly, I am glad that they did.   I literally could not handle any more Lizzie.  RIP girlfriend.**

**I feel like the writers did not need to rehash every creepy thing Lizzie did at the prison for us to realize how crazy she was.  I am pretty sure every audience member figured out Lizzie was the one feeding the rats to the zombies at the prison as soon as we saw her with a mouse (actually we pretty much had it figured out before then too).  I am also pretty sure we figured out pretty easily that she was the one that did the dissection as well.  So why did the writers feel the need to spell everything out for us after Lizzie killed Mika?  I am really not sure.

2.  I killed Karen – One of the things that drives me nuts with The Walking Dead is when the writers are so obviously building to an event on the show.  Ever since Carol and Tyreese got back together, we have all known that they will have the Karen and David conversation; it has just been a matter of time.  And, as soon as I saw the previews last week, I figured that this would finally be the week where Tyreese learns the truth. (This was further confirmed by every word out of Tyreese’s mouth being about Karen).  Sure enough, it happened.  Granted, I thought the scene was nicely written and extremely well acted, especially by Melissa McBride (Carol).  But, I wish I wasn’t expecting it the entire episode.  I wish I didn’t know it was going to happen.

3.  No backstory on Tyreese? – What’s up with that?  The cold-open this week was crazy Lizzie playing with a walker.  In my mind, that did little to help the storyline.  We already knew Lizzie had an unhealthy  relationship with the zombies.  I didn’t need this confirmed by anything else.  What I did need was more info on Tyreese and Karen because all I remember is the two of them being together for like a minute on the show before she died.  However, if there had been a flashback showing the two of them engaged in a really meaningful moment or demonstrating their love and devotion for each other, then Tyreese’s choosing to forgive Carol at the end of the episode would have meant so much more.  Instead, I still think Tyreese sounds like a crazy love-sick puppy who was way too emotionally attached to a woman I never fully saw him develop a relationship with.  You missed a serious character development chance here Walking Dead.

4.  What if Lizzie really could hear the walkers? – I admit this is somewhat weird to think about and possibly unlikely, but Lizzie told Mika that she could “hear them.”  WHAT IF SHE REALLY COULD?  No, really think about it, what if the walkers actually could communicate and Lizzie could hear them?  What if somehow Lizzie could have been a clue to finding a cure?  What if Lizzie was the only sane person on The Walking Dead and Carol murdered her?  Don’t think about it too hard.  It will blow your mind.

5.  The fire – Does it seem likely that the fire we saw burning in this episode was actually the house Daryl and Beth set ablaze?  These character development episodes we have been getting in the back half of season 4 seem to be jumping around in time, so it is entirely possible that the fire was caused by Daryl and Beth.  After all, there were a crap load of walkers going towards the house when Daryl and Beth finally fled, so it wouldn’t be surprising that burned walkers would have resulted from the house fire.  Plus, it seems like everyone is so close to each other in terms of location (and yet at the same time so far away), so it is possible.  I still don’t understand why the group didn’t have a rondevu point planned out.  This bugs me immensely.

6.  I miss Rick, Carl, and Michonne – That’s right.  I said it.  I miss these three.  Where are they?  What are they doing?  It’s been too long.  I need to know what is happening with them.  Next, I need to know what is happening to Beth.  Then, I need to know what is happening to Daryl.  I could wait awhile before I see the Sasha/Bob/Maggie storyline again though and for some reason I don’t really miss Glen all that much.  Missing Carl is a strange, strange feeling and one that I am not all that comfortable with, to be honest.

7.  Walkers aren’t the only ones to fear – Season 4 seems to focus on a certain theme:  Humans might be greater monsters than the walkers.  This episode again proves that point.  In the end, it was a human (Lizzie) that did the most destruction in The Grove.  Again proving that whether you are alone or with a group, you are never truly safe in the zombie world.

What did y’all think?



3 thoughts on “THE WALKING DEAD 414: THE GROVE

  1. I’m missing Rick as well. It sucks not knowing what’s going on with them, but at the same time it’s a testament to the show that it can go what, 4 episodes now, without even a sniff of the lead character. Sorta makes me wonder if his demise is planned for this season finale, or sometime next season.

    As for Carl: Tyrese and Carol should’ve kept Lizzie around (highly guarded), met up with Rick/Michonne/Carl at Terminus, Carl and Lizzie hit it off and he helps her be a little less crazy, then one day she snaps and kills Carl. All is right in the world 🙂

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