It’s back!!!!  Season 4 of Game of Thrones premiered last night and it was awesome.  To be fair, I could have just watched Dany walk around with her dragons for the full hour and been perfectly content.  We got even more than that happening in the world of Westeros though.  Like my Walking Dead and Breaking Bad posts, I am going to try and blog weekly about Game of Thrones.  These posts won’t necessarily be recaps, but more my thoughts on particular events that have occurred.  Also, please keep in mind that neither CJ or I read the books, so if you choose to comment, don’t give anything away that we haven’t yet seen in the show.  Spoilers are the worst.  So, let’s get to talking…

1.  In the game of thrones, the Lannisters are kicking butt – In case you forgot last season that the Lannisters pretty much annihilated the Starks, we get a good reminder in the opening scene with Tywin Lannister melting down the House of Stark sword (and throwing a dead wolf into the fire for good measure).  Of course, the ultimate power of the Lannisters hinges on a sociopathic and utterly annoying/spoiled king-child, Joffrey, so I can’t help but think that the Lannisters are just one bad step away from total destruction.  This is especially true given that Joffrey’s actual parents (Cersei, the now alcoholic, and Jamie, the one-armed man) apparently have no control over their son.  (Joffrey obviously has no problem berating his uncle/daddy Jaime about his lack of accomplishments in the Kingsguard White Book).  Let’s hope for the Lannisters sake that Tywin has everything under control.

2.  Poor Jaime – So it appears that Jaime actually loves his sister in more than the appropriate kind of way.  I almost felt bad for him, when she turned him down.  But, then I remembered that they were brother and sister and I don’t want to see that kind of action ever again.  What is clear is that Cersei’s feelings for Jaime may not have been as genuine as Jaime previously believed.  I can’t help but wonder how this will affect Jaime going forward.  But, I am still hoping that Jaime ends up turning into one of the “good” guys and getting rid of his awful sister seems like a good place to start this transition.*

*I am also hoping that Brienne has convinced Jaime to help Sansa out in some possible way because I can’t watch her mope about for an entire season (I will let her have a few episodes though, considering the fact that basically her whole family has been murdered).

3.  There’s a new face in town – And, his name is Oberyn Martell.  At this point, he seems like he is the only viable threat to the Lannisters, especially considering the fact that he is hell bent on revenge and that he is actually in King’s Landing.  I am told that his conversation with Tyrion is an important one and may actually give some clues as to who Jon Snow’s mother (and possible father…say what?!) are.  In case you want to watch the conversation again…

4.  Shae’s time may be coming to a close – I like Shae, I really do.  I think she is good for Sansa and for Tyrion.  But, her being around, is creating lots of problems for Tyrion and also the whole jealously angle is creating some problems for me.  I mean, I get where she is coming from, but I also want her to realize that Tyrion is in an impossible situation.  In any event, Shae’s inability to truly see how sinister the Lannisters actually are may lead to her demise as one of Cersei’s spies has now caught her in an argument with her main man.  Plus, it seems about time for Game of Thrones to kill another person that Sansa cares about, just for good measure.

5.  DRAGONS – It is readily apparent that as Dany’s dragons grow so does her confidence in her abilities.  I am just not so confident in Dany’s ability to control those dragons these days.  I am also not so confident in Dany’s ability to control her heart.  I just hope that the new Daario (same character as last season, just a new actor…who is less pretty and more manly in my opinion) is a good news for the mother of dragons.  I can’t imagine that Jorah is particularly happy that this gentleman is still around though.

In other thoughts related to Dany, I must admit I am ready for Dany to start making her way towards claiming the Iron Throne, but it doesn’t seem like she is quite ready to make that journey yet.**

**Also, fair warning, Dany is my favorite character, so no matter where this season takes her or where she goes, my love for her will never waiver.  And, this blog will probably always be skewed in her favor.

6.  Umm, Sam are you forgetting something? – Does anyone else think that the first words out of Sam’s mouth should have been, “hey Jon, I saw your crippled brother and he was heading north of the wall.”  Why hasn’t Jon been told that Sam met Bran?  This seems like important information.

7.  Arya broke bad – So, I think season 4 is when we can officially say that Arya broke bad.  I’m glad she got her sword back and clearly got some much needed justice for her lost friend, but it is painful to see what such loss, devastation, and violence can do to a young person.  All I know is that from this point on, no one is safe from Arya.***

***I hope this Hound + Arya travel adventure works as well in this season as the Brienne + Jaime road trip did in season 3.

8.  The shadow that killed Renly – Brienne appears to be the only one still focused on the shadow-like monster that killed Renly Baratheon.  I am unclear whether this is because of Brienne’s loyalty to Renly or because she feels a greater need to figure out what certain potential dark forces are at work (and she is now the only person alive that witnessed the event).  It will be interesting to see whether her conversation with Margery Tyrell develops into something more or if it was just a simple way for the show to remind us that all that matters is who the current king is and that there is no need to concern ourselves with what happened to the would-be kings of the past.

There is so much more we could talk about.  But, I think that is a good start for the season.  What did y’all think of the season 4 premiere?


PS.  I am ready for the Purple Wedding.


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