VEEP 302: THE CHOICE – BEST ZINGERS (and other great lines)


This week Selina attempted to establish her stance on abortion.  While I still have no idea what her stance is (and to be honest, I don’t think she has really any idea either), this episode was hilarious and full of great lines.  I had a hard time just picking a few.

Again, here is your warning about colorful language that will likely be written below.

6.  “When did you get your dad’s face?” – Gary

5.  “Tell Mike to climb off his wife and get on speakerphone now.” – Amy

4.  “This is Jonah Ryan and you are witnessing the birth of Ryantology.  Old media like the Washington Toast better go run and hide in the bathroom and join the Poo York Times because we are cutting in.  I am going to be updating more than I’m actually dating, which is a shitload.” – Jonah

3.  “If you say anything about the Veep, I will break your legs so severely you will end up normal height.” – Dan to Jonah (obviously)

2.  “The only crack you are going to see belongs to some guy in a shower.” – Richard (well played Richard)

1.  “I accept your apology while retaining the right to fire the f**k out of you.  Should I print that up on a t-shirt that I can give to you?” – Veep

Honorable mention:  Although not technically a “line,” I couldn’t let this blog entry go without mentioning Jonah’s sweater.  If there was an award for worst outfit ever, Jonah, founder of Ryantology, would be in the running.  Seriously, is that the sweater his grandpa died in?  Jonah Ryan, 2026.



PS.  Here is this episode’s deleted scene.  More Jonah in a sweater.  Need I say more?


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