VEEP 304: CLOVIS – BEST ZINGERS (and other great lines)


Selina was in Silicon Valley this week, I suppose to raise money (although I am not exactly positive about that).  She spent most of the episode fumbling around Clovis, a Google-like internet company headed by a young d-bag (shocking).  The only thing that would have made this episode better would have been some sort of crossover event with the guys that actually star on HBO’s new comedy Silicon Valley, which airs right before Veep each week.  Oh well.  Let’s get to the best part of the show…the one-liners.

Again, you have been warned, there is colorful language below.

8.  “Jonah get off then line and then the planet.” – Sue

7.  “Gary what are you doing? You look like a newborn giraffe.” – Veep

6.  “F*ck you Kent Davidson!  F*ck you Mrs. Gravestone from the third grade.  F*ck you stepdad one and stepdad three!” – Jonah

5.  “She was like a beached whale, with one flipper f*cking around in the air, and you were no where to push her back in the sea.” – Amy

4.  “She said we’d see Craig momentarily and our withdrawal from Afghanistan has been more momentarily than this.” – Amy

3.  “You know, they say all babies are cute, but whoever ‘they’ are should be stuck in a stroller and pushed into traffic.” – Amy

2.  “I know you’re walking around here like you’re C-3PO with a big, brass, shiny erection, but I got news for you.  This is kindergarten for cyberbrats.” – Veep

1.  “You take that chicken soup, and you shove it up your soul.” – Jonah


PS.  Here is deleted scene from this episode.  You’re welcome.

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