I am sure Joffrey would like us to remember him as the crazy child-king that he was, rather than that bloated purple mess that he turned into at the end of this week’s Game of Thrones episode.  Thus, I have chosen the picture above so that we can remember the horrible man-child (that believed he was untouchable) just the way he was–an idiot.  Ned’s death was spoiled for me before I saw it in season 1 and I wasn’t necessarily surprised by the end of Robb Stark and his mother (or I wasn’t as depressed by such events as a lot of people).  But, Joffrey getting killed, shocked the heck out of me!  I was not expecting it at all (please keep in mind that neither CJ or I have read the books).  So, let’s get to talking about what happened to the little purple people-eater.

1.  The purple wedding – Joffrey’s and Margaery’s wedding is referred to as the purple wedding.  I initially thought this was because purple is considered the color of royalty, so it seemed natural that the wedding of the king would be called “the purple wedding.”  But, now I am wondering if it is called that because Joffrey literally turned purple as he choked to death.  Anyone have any idea?  I would post the picture of his bloated purple face, but it gives me nightmares.

2.  I kinda feel bad – Before this week’s episode started I tweeted something about how Joffrey liked to drown puppies to calm his pre-wedding nerves.  It seemed appropriate given the psychopath that he was.  And, he was in rare form both before and during his wedding.  I mean, he was really acting like an a-hole.  But, in the aftermath of his death, I felt a little bad about my tweet.  I mean, I wasn’t expecting him to die!  So, as I sat there in shock after we watched Joffrey choke to death, I considered erasing my tweet (out of respect for the dead, of course, and because as Joffrey lay there dead in his mother’s arms, he definitely appeared more child-like than normal).  However, then I remembered what a lying piece of sh*t Joffrey was and got over any sadness I felt for his passing.  Don’t rest in peace Joffrey, you were a bad, bad man and the people of Westeros can sleep a little easier tonight knowing you are gone.*

*Part of my sadness may be due to the fact that Jack Gleeson claims to be done with acting for good.

3.  Tyrion didn’t do it – If Tyrion is one thing in particular, he is smart.  So, there is no way that I believe that he is responsible for the poisoning of Joffrey; he wouldn’t be so stupid as to be the one caught holding the last thing that Joffrey touched before Joffrey died.**  This means it was someone else.  But, who?

  • Olenna Tyrell – Grandma Tyrell has never seemed exactly pleased with the fact that Margaery was to marry Joffrey.  And, she definitely did not look very celebratory during the wedding.  She is smart enough to figure out how to poison the King.  Plus, weren’t the Tyrells responsible for the pie?  It could have been a poison pie and not a poison drink that was the end of Joffrey.  I am not putting it past Margaery to have been involved either, although I can’t imagine that she wants the reputation as a husband killer.***
  • The fool, Ser Dontos – There had to be a reason that the fool reappeared last week, right?  Now, we see him take Sansa away from the reception as Joffrey lays there dying.  And, if I am not mistaken, he tells Sansa something to the effect of “if you want to leave, we have to do it now.”  This may imply that he knew the poisoning was coming and used it as a distraction to get Sansa out of there (and by out of there, I mean out of the reception and potentially out of Kings Landing).
  • Oberyn Martell – He hasn’t been in Kings Landing very long, but we know that he blames the Lannisters for the death of his sister and her children.  A child for a child?  He does claim to pay his debts.
  • Sansa Stark – Now, I think this is a bit of a stretch, but we know that Sansa was one of the people that actually touched Joffrey’s cup of wine.  And, she has certainly been his favorite person to torment.  I wish she would have been the person to kill Joffrey, but I just can’t imagine that she did.

(A lot more people surely wanted Joffrey dead, but in my mind, these are the most likely candidates of the moment.)

**Cersei isn’t dumb, but she also hates her little brother so much that she may actually believe that Tyrion is responsible.  Both Tywin’s and Jaime’s expressions at the end of the episode lead me to think that they might believe Cersei as well.  Plus, I know that Tyrion spends some time in prison this season, so it seems logically that this would be the reason why.  I hope someone comes to Tyrion’s rescue though.

***If you want a visual breakdown of how Olenna could have killed Joffrey, here you go:

4.  Who becomes King nowJoffrey’s younger brother? Is he next in line for the throne?

5.  The non-purple wedding stuff – In other news, Ramsay Snow is still a horrible horrible person.  He might be next on my list of GoT people I would like to die.  Watching him chase that poor girl through the forest was so uncomfortable; I couldn’t handle it.  I am also not happy about the fact that he knows the Stark boys are still alive.  Bran is at least north of the wall, which means he is hopefully out of the reach of Ramsay Snow (although he is facing other terrifying things).  We have yet to see Rickon this season though.

6.  The night is dark – We visit Stannis in this week’s episode who appears to still be allowing people to be burned to death in the name of the Lord of Light.  What I find most shocking is his wife’s complete devotion to her new faith, to the point where she appears to view her daughter as just another sinful non-believer.  I really hope nothing bad happens to that little girl.  Oh wait, what am I saying, it’s Game of Thrones, something bad always happens.

7.  Bronn vs. Jaime – Bronn is awesome.  Period.  I need more of these two together.

8.  Bran’s vision – Bran’s vision was quick and I haven’t gone back to rematch it, but it seemed like the most significant part was the image of a dragon flying over Kings Landing, no?

Ok, that’s all I have time for this week.  What did y’all think?




FX announced today that it has ordered a third season of The Americans–the Cold War-era spy drama starring Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys (who are a couple in real life too apparently).  Season 3 will consist of 13 episodes.  The second season of The Americans is currently airing on FX and has 6 episodes left.  If you include DVR playback, The Americans averages roughly 3.1 million viewers a week.  The season finale of The Americans is scheduled for Wednesday, May 21st.

CJ and I are fans of The Americans and have been enjoying this second season as much as we enjoyed the first.  If you haven’t ever watched, I recommend starting from the beginning.  The show is set in 1981 just after Ronald Regan was elected president.  Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys are KGB spies (who are married) posing as Americans in suburban Washington D.C.  Personally, I can’t help but root for the KGB spies, even though, I suppose they are technically the “bad guys.”  If you want to know why to watch The Americans check out this post:




For almost a year now, CJ and I have been meaning to start watching Orphan Black.  Season 1 premiered about this time last year and received rave reviews.  However, we had yet to find time to fit it into our TV viewing schedule.  With season 2 quickly approaching, this needed to be remedied.  So, over the course of about 4 days last week, I watched season 1.  Now, keep in mind, the first season of Orphan Black was only 10 episodes.  Therefore, watching it over a 4-day span wasn’t completely crazy…but, it did make for some late nights.  Let me tell you though, it was totally worth it.  This show is amazing.  It quickly grabs you and each episode only wraps you deeper and deeper into the crazy mystery surrounding these clones–to the point that you can’t help but keep watching.  I was (and am still) enthralled.  And, I, more importantly, am dying to see more.

If I would have watched Orphan Black in 2013, it would have been #2 on my list of favorite shows of last year (only Breaking Bad would have topped it).  That is how good the show is.  I also told CJ that I wouldn’t be waiting on him to start season 2, if he didn’t start catching up quickly.  Yup, that’s right, I issued a television ultimatum.  I mean business.  Orphan Black is awesome and come hell or high water, I will be watching the start of season 2 this weekend.

I don’t want to spend too much time dissecting season 1 because I am afraid not many of you have tuned into this show yet and I don’t want to ruin anything for you.  So, here is what we are going to do.  I am going to give a brief teaser of what Orphan Black is.  Then, I will give you fair warning and tell you to stop reading if you have yet to finish season 1.  At the bottom of this post, I will try and provide a refresher for those who have made it through season 1, so that you will be fully prepared for the season 2 premiere this Saturday.  Everyone got the game plan? Ok, break.

What is Orphan Black?  Orphan Black is a Canadian science fiction television series starring Tatiana Maslany, as several identical woman who turn out to be clones.  The show airs on BBC America in the United States.  The first season premiered in March 2013.  The second season will premiere on April 19, 2014.

Basic Plot?  A young British woman (think early twenties), who clearly has been living life as some sort of street punk, named Sarah Manning, witnesses a woman commit suicide in the subway underground.  The twist: right before the woman jumps in front of the train, she and Sarah make eye contact and it turns out that she looks exactly like Sarah.  Say what?!  I know, it’s crazy.  Sarah snatches the woman’s purse before anyone else discovers it and decides to pose as the dead woman for the time being (she has motivations for doing so, I just don’t want to spoil them for you).  As the episodes go on, it is clear that it isn’t going to be a piece of cake for Sarah to simply pretend to be dead-girl, particularly because Sarah and dead-girl are one of an undetermined number of clones created for some sort of illegal science experiment.  Chaos, death, mystery, and some hilarity ensues.  You are hooked aren’t you?

Ok, now that is all that you are going to get to peak your interest.  Season 1 is available on Amazon Prime.  Trust me, you can, and will want to finish it before season 2 starts on Saturday.  If you haven’t watched or finished watching season 1 yet, then STOP READING THIS NOW.  SPOILERS MAY BE AHEAD.

Let’s start off our discussion of season 2 by looking at the trailer.

Awesome, right?  Now, let’s look at some of the season 2 promo pictures


I take this to mean that Sarah is still largely the focus of season 2.


It looks like Cosima and Delphine might still be working on the same team, but does the large gap between them mean that their relationship continues to be strained?


I hope that this means we will be getting plenty of Felix and Alison time this season as well.  Donnie still appears to be creepy and like he is only pretending to go running.


Has Paul officially joined team bad guys in season 2?  I hope not.


It looks like we have a new face in the mix.  Michiel Huisman (Nashville and Game of Thrones is what I know him from) is set to play Cal Morrison this season.  Is he a new love interest for Sarah or more bad news?  We are also getting a new clone this season apparently…Jennifer Fitzsimmons, who is a school teacher.  I won’t go into all the new characters we will see in season 2 (but just start googling if you want to find out about them).  We are getting at least 5 new characters according to HuffPo.

Finally, just a little refresher on where we left everyone:

  • Sarah Manning – Our main clone.  At the end of last season, Sarah found out her birth mother was a woman named Amelia, an African-British woman, who was the in-vitro surrogate for a couple of scientists.  Amelia actually had two babies:  Sarah and Helena (twinsies).  Helena, being the crazy psychopath that she is, stabs Amelia in the stomach.  Sarah confronted Helena upon finding Amelia and Helena got shot.  We haven’t seen her since, but I bet she isn’t dead.  Sarah also decides to bail on her deal with Rachel (pro-clone) and the DYAD Institute when she learns that they are full of crap.  When she returns home she finds Mrs. S’s house destroyed and Kira and Mrs. S nowhere to be found.   In regards to Sarah’s love life, it is unclear where she and Paul stand and whether he will remain on Team Sarah for season 2.
  • Alison Hendrix – Soccer mom clone.  After being approached by Dr. Leekie with an agreement that Alison gets to live as normal of a life as possible in exchange for voluntarily doing medical tests for the DYAD, Alison agrees to sign the contract with Dr. Leekie believing that by doing so Alison’s monitor will be removed.  Alison also let’s her neighbor and former bff die (in front of her) because she believes that Ainsley was her monitor.  In turns out that her beloved husband, Donnie, actually is.
  • Cosima Niehaus – Scientist clone.  Cosima arrives in the city at the end of season 1 (from Minnesota) in order to get away from Delphine (her monitor/love-interest).  In depressing news, Cosima starts suffering the same symptoms of respiratory disease that German-clone was suffering at the beginning of season 1.  Cosima, with the help of Delphine, discovers that each of the clones have a message in their DNA stating that they are patented and the property of an unknown person or organization.
  • Helena – Ukrainian psyscho-path clone.  Helana was shot by Sarah at the end of season 1.   I doubt she is dead.  And, she is probably still crazy.
  • Rachel Duncan – Pro-clone.  Rachel works for the DYAD Institute and in the last couple episodes tries to strike a deal with Sarah, Cosima, and Alison.  My guess is she is involved in the disappearance of Kira.  We don’t have very much backstory on her though.
  • Art and Angela – Cops.  Sarah almost revealed everything to Art before the DYAD’s attorney showed up and bailed Sarah out.  Art and Angela realize the similarities between Sarah, Beth (dead-clone),and Alison, but haven’t put the pieces together yet.
  • Paul Dierden – Monitor.  Paul was Beth/Sarah’s monitor during season 1.  He appeared to align with Sarah at the end of the season, but the DYAD also has him blackmailed due to what happened to him in Afghanistan (i.e., he killed several marines is friendly fire).  I want to keep trusting Paul, but I don’t know if we will be able to.
  • Felix – Sarah’s foster brother (and my favorite character).  Felix is the only non-clone that is privy to all this clone business.  He and Sarah were raised together by Mrs. S.  Art and Angela know that Felix is related to the death of Beth somehow, but haven’t quite figured it out yet.  Felix’s apartment appears to have become the location for clone meetings.  We last saw Cosima there.
  • Mrs. S. – Foster mom.  Mrs. S has been caring for Sarah’s daughter Kira, presumably since Kira’s birth.  Sarah’s birth mother has warned her that Mrs. S is not all that she appears to be.   We just don’t know yet how involved in the clone conspiracy Mrs. S actually is.  At the end of season 1, Mrs. S disappeared.
  • Kira – Sarah’s daughter.  Kira is the only biological child of a clone that we know about so far. Kira was hit by a car towards the end of season 1, but magically healed really quickly.  We don’t know why.  Sarah finds that Kira is gone at the end of season 1.  I presume that the DYAD has Kira, at least that is how it seems.
  • Dr. Leekie – DYAD scientist.  Leekie runs the DYAD institute, a research organization dedicated to the Neolutionism philosophy of self-guided evolution.  He isn’t at the top of the food chain, but he is powerful and evil.

Who’s dead:  Beth (cop-clone); Ainsley (Alison’s neighbor); Tomas (religious fanatic), Maggie Chen (proletarian who went undercover in the Neolutionist organization–killed by Beth); Amelia (Sarah and Helena’s birth mom); German-clone.  Who else am I missing?

That’s it!  In case you need a reminder, season 2 starts this Saturday, April 19th on BBC America (8 p.m. central).  Happy watching!



VEEP 302: THE CHOICE – BEST ZINGERS (and other great lines)


This week Selina attempted to establish her stance on abortion.  While I still have no idea what her stance is (and to be honest, I don’t think she has really any idea either), this episode was hilarious and full of great lines.  I had a hard time just picking a few.

Again, here is your warning about colorful language that will likely be written below.

6.  “When did you get your dad’s face?” – Gary

5.  “Tell Mike to climb off his wife and get on speakerphone now.” – Amy

4.  “This is Jonah Ryan and you are witnessing the birth of Ryantology.  Old media like the Washington Toast better go run and hide in the bathroom and join the Poo York Times because we are cutting in.  I am going to be updating more than I’m actually dating, which is a shitload.” – Jonah

3.  “If you say anything about the Veep, I will break your legs so severely you will end up normal height.” – Dan to Jonah (obviously)

2.  “The only crack you are going to see belongs to some guy in a shower.” – Richard (well played Richard)

1.  “I accept your apology while retaining the right to fire the f**k out of you.  Should I print that up on a t-shirt that I can give to you?” – Veep

Honorable mention:  Although not technically a “line,” I couldn’t let this blog entry go without mentioning Jonah’s sweater.  If there was an award for worst outfit ever, Jonah, founder of Ryantology, would be in the running.  Seriously, is that the sweater his grandpa died in?  Jonah Ryan, 2026.



PS.  Here is this episode’s deleted scene.  More Jonah in a sweater.  Need I say more?



Mad Men Sunday is finally here! As we look forward to the return of one of the best shows to ever air on TV, for part one of its final season, we thought it might be a good time to look back at some of the best moments from seasons 4 through 6 of Mad Men. The goal here was to count down the top 5 scenes of the last three seasons, but, as usual, that proved harder than expected. Here’s what we think:

5. Don’s Hershey’s pitch (Episode 613: In Care of)

The moment that Don Draper and Dick Whitman become the same man. Watching Don break down and tell a real story from his childhood is one of the most heartbreaking things we’ve seen on Mad Men. And, Mad Men is full of heartbreak, so that’s saying something. All of the pre-season press material made it clear that season 6 was going to be all about the duality of self, and that’s exactly what was delivered in season 6—especially as it relates to Don. This was the season where we could see the crumbling of Don’s two worlds into one.

4. Sally catches Don and Sylvia (Episode 611: Favors)

The “holy crap” moment of season 6. I’m probably the biggest proponent out there of the theory that Don Draper only cares about 3 people in the entire world, Peggy Olson, the late Anna Draper, and his daughter, Sally. Sally has always known that her father was a bit of a skeeze, but, at times, she had almost idolized that because of her total disdain for her mother. However, it is in this episode that Sally sees Don for who and what he really is and it the point that changed everything for Sally and Don. Sally can no longer pretend her that her father is the good guy. This realization, along with the scene mentioned above, lead to another scene that could have very easily been on this list—Don taking his children to see where he really grew up. Anyone who thinks that scene had anything to do with Bobby or baby Gene are fooling themselves. That scene was about Don letting the last bit of pretense go.

3. Roger takes LSD (Episode 506: Far Away Places)

Let’s lighten it up a bit, shall we? My name is Roger Sterling  and I have taken LSD. Though this scene ends in a fairly dark, sad place, with Roger telling Jane he wants a divorce, the lead up is hilarious. The Russian symphony playing when Roger opens the bottle of vodka never gets old to me. I watch it over and over again, and never stop laughing. This moment is also of note as it is in the middle of probably the greatest run of episodes Mad Men gave us, and it also is likely the most experimental episode of Mad Men to date. If you don’t remember or haven’t seen it in a while, go back and watch this episode. It’s well worth it.

2. Megan does Zou Bisou Bisou (Episode 501-502: A Little Kiss)

The moment of complete and total confusion on Don’s face. I feel like I don’t really need to comment on this one, right?

1a. Peggy says goodbye (Episode 511: The Other Woman)

The moment that Don couldn’t let go. You’ll see that I have a 1a and a 1. I wanted to keep this list to 5, but I just couldn’t. And, frankly, these two scenes actually fit together very well. Peggy and Don share something very special. Ironically, Peggy, like Sally, doesn’t know that Don Draper is actually Dick Whitman. And yet, I would say that Peggy, again, like Sally, know the real man behind the suit better than anyone (save for Anna). While Betty, Pete, Burt Cooper, and Megan know Don’s secret, they don’t necessarily know the man as he is. Peggy does. Watching Peggy say goodbye to Don (though, unbeknownst to them at the time, it would be a short goodbye) and seeing Don’s inability to let go of that hand was a symbol of Don’s affection and respect for this very important person in his life.

1. “That’s what the money is for!” (Episode 407: The Suitcase)

The moment where Mad Men became the greatest of all time. This is not an argument for this day, but certainly, at the time the episode aired, The Suitcase felt like the greatest episode of a TV drama ever (there is now an argument for not only other Mad Men episodes from season 5, but also a couple episodes from the final season of Breaking Bad, and at least a couple episodes from The Wire and The Sopranos). The episode focused largely on the relationship between Don and Peggy, which is the relationship that makes this show so special, and an all time great. The episode culminates with two magical moments, including a shared moment of sorrow, between Peggy and Don after Don learns of the death of Anna (from her niece Stephanie, played by Caity Lotz—currently starring on Arrow). The other moment being the argument between Peggy and Don, as seen here.

There are a dozen other scenes that could have made this list: Pete falling down the stairs, Don telling Ginsberg he doesn’t think about him at all, “Not great Bob!,” the Jaguar pitch, Lane’s suicide, the bubble gum in the pubis… the list goes on and on. But, the moments listed here are the ones that stand above the rest in our eyes. This evening cannot come soon enough!

-CJ & LJ



On Monday, HBO announced that the season 4 Game of Thrones premiere was its highest rated show since the series finale of The Sopranos.  Therefore, yesterday’s news that HBO had renewed Game of Thrones for two additional seasons is probably the least surprising news ever.  It does mean, however, that we will at least get 6 seasons of the quest for the iron throne.  I will admit that the announcement does seem a little odd given that showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss have previously indicated that 7 seasons seems to be the magic number for the show.  One would think that at this point HBO would simply give the go ahead for a seventh season, but who knows what the network is thinking.  Further, I suppose, there, of course, is always the outstanding problem of whether George R.R. Martin will have finished sixth and seventh books before the TV series catches up.

In any event, we are more than excited to know that Game of Thrones will still be around for the near future.




This is a question I ask myself every week.  Literally, after every episode, I sit in bed (I watch Grey’s after CJ goes to bed so as to avoid his hateful comments) and think, why do I continuingly subject myself to the torture of watching a show that simply isn’t very good anymore.  Maybe I am a masochist, because I certainly don’t have a problem quitting shows I stopped enjoying (i.e., The Bachelor, American Idol, Glee, Private Practice, Desperate Housewives, etc. and most recently The Blacklist–James Spader couldn’t even save that show for me).  So, what is my deal?  Personally, I think two things are at work:  (1) a feeling that I need to go down with the ship or finish riding the wave that is Grey’s Anatomy; and (2) the memory of a show that, at one point was great (that I actually bought on DVD and watched repeatedly).  These two reasons may cause me to stay around for the rest of season 10, but I can’t and will not commit to a season 11, just because Grey’s is still on TV.  Here are some of the reasons why this kid will likely stay at the station as the Grey’s Anatomy train continues to chug on:

1.  You are creating stupid storylines about the characters I love – Seriously, you gave Bailey OCD?  At what point did you think turning Bailey into an obsessive-compulsive maniac was a good idea or an idea that fit with that character.  Throughout the entire Grey’s series Bailey has been a rock.  A source of support and sound advice for not only her interns, but for her superiors as well.  Bailey having OCD was absurd and a horrible way to treat a beloved character.*

*Also, just fyi, OCD is not a condition that just magically goes away, apparently it has for Bailey though.  Great story-telling Shonda.

2.  The new cast is unmemorable – Oh god, the interns.  I refer to them as a group because I still don’t know most of their names.  Keep in mind this is not the first season these people have been on this show either.  Yet, they are so unremarkable that I literally can only keep them straight in terms of what attendant they are currently screwing.  In fact, when news broke that Tessa Ferrar and Gaius Charles were leaving Grey’s after this season, I actually had to look up who those people were to even know what characters they play (Tessa, is Leah aka the girl who had a fling with Arizona and did a whole bunch of boring stuff that I can’t even remember, and Gaius, is Shane aka the guy who electrocuted another intern and I think killed a patient because he was overworked–I really can’t recall though).  The only intern that has seemed even remotely interesting in Jo and that is mainly because I like Alex and she sleeps with him.  Yet, their romantic relationship has become even a snooze fest as of late.**


**As I searched for pictures of interns, I came across quite a few that I forgot even graced the screen.  Again, further proof,of how uninteresting the interns have been. (To be fair, I do know that one of the guys below was shot when the hospital was under attack, I just didn’t care).



3.  Mer-Der has lost its luster – I am not saying that I want to break these two up because I firmly believe that these characters should be together.  But, it is safe to say that this relationship has become boring.  I am tired of their bickering over who gets to have a more exciting or prestigious medical career.  Why can’t we have these two working together on a project that gives them both the professional validation that they seem to crave?  I am tired of their petty arguments.***  I miss the magical moments from this couple.

***You know what else I am tired of, the Christina and Meredith petty arguments.  Can’t we have two woman who are best friends that support each other and allow each other to grow as doctors and people?  I mean I get that Sandra Oh is leaving the series, but we don’t need Meredith and Christina to be pushed apart in order for that departure to happen.  Further, while I am on the subject of petty arguments, does it seem like the show has decided that everyone needs to be unhappy or in some sort of argument with someone every episode?  Jo and Alex fight about everything (last week it was Alex’s loans, before that it was Alex’s father); Arizona and Callie never really seem happy with each other anymore (Callie and Derek have been fighting professionally too for that matter); and the back and forth between Owen and Christina is literally driving me insane.  Either be together or don’t be together, but let’s move on from this ridiculous and tired love story.

5.  Even the medical stories are stupid – I don’t really remember many of the medical stories that have happened this season to be honest.  And, the ones I do, are ridiculous.  The cat man?  A man that made his face look like a cat?  That was your medical story of the week, really?  Hey, remember when those two people were stuck together on a pole going through both of their bodies and one of them had to die?  Yeah, that was good television.  Or where a man literally had a bomb inside of him and Meredith’s hand was stuck in his body?  Yeah, that was exciting as well.  And, please let’s all recall the Denny story (not ghost Denny, the actual Denny when he was alive) with Izzie cutting his LVAD wire.  Come on!


With ABC not yet announcing whether it is renewing Grey’s Anatomy for another season, it is possible that this will be the last we see of it (although, this seems doubtful).  At the very least, I hope I will stop watching.