Who are we?  That seems like a difficult question to answer, but we will do our best to articulate everything you need to know in a few short sentences.

My name is LJ and until about 3 years ago I was an average, run-of-the-mill television viewer.  Let’s just say, I wasn’t really watching television for content.  Now, it’s not that, I do not think the Bachelorette or the Real Housewives of the OC has some value (well let’s be honest, I do struggle to find the value in the Real Housewives franchise these days), but I certainly wasn’t thinking about the substance of what I was watching.  Enter my husband, CJ.  In addition to being the love of my life (sappy, I know), he also introduced me to great television.  Without him, I would not have entered the world of Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, or Veronica Mars.  And, I certainly wouldn’t be cursing out the Emmy voters for yet again failing to nominate anyone or anything related to Shameless.  This is not to say that each summer I do not continue to look forward to So You Think You Can Dance or Rookie Blue (I will ignore the eye-roll from CJ as he reads this), but for better or worse my husband has turned me into a television junkie and, in some instances, a harsh critic.  So, here’s to hoping that you enjoy the blog and television as much as we do!

My name is CJ, more importantly known as the husband of LJ.  Though I’ve attempted on various occasions to start up a blog in the past, I’ve never done so with any kind of regularity or success.  Enter LJ, who I’ve helped foster into the TV dork that was always in there just bursting to come out.  So when my darling wife brought up the idea of starting a blog that we would both contribute to, sharing our love of TV (and whether she likes it or not, I’ll spend some time discussing film), I just couldn’t resist.  My love of TV goes back a ways longer than Lauren’s, from watching Hill Street Blues with my dad, to watching Beverly Hills 90210 with my siblings, to watching Friends with my high school friends, to The OC with college friends.  Despite that history, my obsession with TV didn’t begin until I saw the pilot episode of David Chase’s The Sopranos when I was in college.  My obsession only grew from there, growing to encompass The Wire, The West Wing, Deadwood, Veronica Mars, LOST, Mad Men, Breaking Bad.  The list could go on and on.  There is nothing in the world I love talking about more than TV, so I hope this blog is an outlet for my obsession to grow!

Happy watching from us both!

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