We don’t talk about Saturday Night Live very much on this blog (actually, we may have never mentioned it before).  But, rest assured, we watch it every week.  Most weeks I, LJ, come away a little disappointed.  However, every once in awhile there is a host that seems to completely crush it during their appearance (for instance, Louis C.K.’s monologue was pretty close to perfection last week).  I am hoping Anna Kendrick is capable of such a feat.  Here are her promo videos that were released.  And, per usual, she is awesome.*

*I should probably mention that CJ and I are both obsessed with Ms. Kendrick so even if she just sat there for the whole episode and stared directly into the camera, we would be in heaven.

My favorite line:  “I read to blind dogs.”

Update:  Here is the Pharrell and Anna Kendrick promo video as well.  Anna Kendrick is still a gem.  But, doesn’t Pharrell look weird without the hat?  I had forgotten he actually had a head under there.


PS.  If you are ever looking for weekly reviews of Saturday Night Live, the one Hitfix does is pretty good and usually on point.