The Sing-Off

I get it.  There are a lot of reality TV shows on the air.  And, I certainly understand that there are a fair number of singing-related reality TV shows (The Voice, The X Factor, American Idol, etc.).  None of them compare to The Sing Off though.  So, let me explain to you why you need to be watching.

6.  Nick Lachey needs some employment – Look, I am not saying Nick Lachey is the best host of a reality show ever.  But, he certainly isn’t the worst (I am looking at you, Mario Lopez).  And, I am happy that he has something to do.  Plus, maybe this will help us forget that he once married Jessica Simpson.


5.  Aca-scuse me? – Here is the thing…acapella is just freakin cool.  No other show on the air is giving props to this kind of music.  Hello, these people are doing all of this with just their mouths.  It’s amazing.

4.  No results show – You know what the worst part of any reality competition show, the stupid results show.  That’s right, in addition to watching the actual performances, you usually have to watch an hour of useless television only to find out in the last 30 seconds who has been eliminated.  Results shows are the worst things ever (right up there with orange sour patch kids, broccoli, taxes, and terrorists).  On The Sing Off, however, there is no results show.  You find out at the end of each episode who gets eliminated…after an ultimate battle-round.  Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

3.  Something for everyone – Are you a fan of highschool musical?  Do you like country?  Would you prefer a barbershop quartet sound?  Have you always wanted to see a Filipino boy bad?  Then this is the show for you.  The variety of groups on The Sing Off is amazing.  You have highschool group of kids (who are one of the best in the competition, I might add), frat-tastic college boys, a group of country guys, and five “more-mature” men who are proving that you can be great at any age.  Also, for the guys out there, you have an all-female group who likes to wear short dresses.  See, something for everyone.

2.  The judges – Judges can make or break a show.  Here, you have Ben Folds, Shawn Stockman (Boyz II Men) and newcomer Jewel.  What is so great about them, you ask?  First, you can tell that they actually like being on the show.  They sing-along, they dance, and generally are excited about music and what these groups can do.  Second, they actually know what they are talking about.  Now, I don’t pretend like I understand what they are saying all of the time, but you can tell that they are musical veterans who can comment on something other than how great the performers’ outfits are.  Third, they have great personalities.  Ben likes to make ridiculous puns, Jewel makes fun of her own snaggle-tooth, and Shawn is just baller.  A show is only as good as it’s judges and these three are fantastic.

the_sing_off_sneak_peek The Sing Off - Season 4 The-Sing-Off-Season-4-Promo-Video maxresdefault

1.  Heart-throbs – Every show needs a heart-throb and here I can give you at least three.

  • Down-to-Earth Beauty – Jewel (They aren’t putting her in those dresses for no reason fellas)


  • The Foreign Boy-Bander – VJ Rosales (The Filharmonic)


  • And, finally, the Country Hottie – Austin Brown (Home Free)


I rest my case.