Nashville wasn’t new this week, so it seems like a good time to reflect on the show and more importantly the story lines that have been happening lately.  Because frankly, the show is making me crazy!  (and, not crazy in a good way).  So, here are my thoughts Nashville.

Dear Nashville,

I am trying really really hard to love this show.  I really am.  I stuck it through the first season, when things were rough (especially the first half of the first season) and I have been patiently plodding through this season each week hoping that this will be the episode that will win me over completely.  Let me be clear, I am not saying that I do not like this show because I do.  I like you, Nashville, but I want to love you.  You, however, are making it so hard.  In an effort to be completely transparent, here are the issues I am having.

(1)  Where is all the music?  You know what kept me around the entire first season, the amazing songs I got each episode.  I love good music and I love country music.  It seemed like each episode in season 1 gave us a spectacular song.  I still remember Maddie’s and Daphne’s performance of “Ho Hey.”  It was magical.  And, the first time Scarlett and Gunnar performed together.  I mean, come on.  I died.  Just listen to these songs; there were so many to choose from, I literally just spent an hour listening to clips trying to only pick a few.  Hardest thing ever.

The level of music in season 2 has not been the same though.  Now, I am not saying there haven’t been good songs this season.  Maddie and Deacon’s “A Life Thats Good” and Scarlett’s “Black Roses” were two of my favorites.  But, I want more.  I want my show about the lives of people in country music to be filled with country music (or music in general).  If music is what drives these people, then it should be driving the show as well.  It should be the center of each episode.  I want to want to buy a song every episode.  And, that just isn’t happening this season for me.

(2)  Don’t break Avery.  Let’s be honest.  Avery was awful in the first season.  He was a huge d-bag and didn’t serve much of a purpose other than driving Scarlett into the arms of Gunner.  But, you know what, the show did an amazing thing.  It rehabilitated Avery.  It made Avery more than just a single-layered character.  It gave him a purpose and it gave him depth.  Amazingly, I now love Avery.  He is my favorite character.  But, over the last few weeks it seems like the show is determined to make him a jerk again (i.e., yelling at Gunner and acting like he is too busy for a band that he said he wanted to be a part of).  I don’t need Avery reverting back to the “Avery Barkley” of season 1.  Avery as a talented musician and producer, who helps out his friends, and is supportive of his girlfriend is a guy I like, actually a guy I love and one of the only reasons I am still watching this show.  If you want to broaden his story line that’s fine, but there is no point of rehashing the jerk arc that we have already seen.


(3)  A drug problem, really?  It seems like the show doesn’t know what to do with Scarlett this season now that she isn’t the center of some sort of love triangle.  They tried to make her angry Scarlett, but that just seemed so out of character.  And, now they have given her a drug problem and another broken heart.  Isn’t it possible to have a female character on this show, who is single, who is happy, and who is living her dream?  Apparently it is not.  My guess is that Scarlett’s drug problem gets worse.  Deacon (also an addict) discovers it and tries to help her.  She refuses help and eventually she hits rock bottom where someone, most likely her uncle, Avery, or Gunner, helps pick her back up.  (If it is one of the latter two, then I am sure another love story will emerge).  The only thing that could make this drug problem better for me is if Scarlett has a full on Jessie Spano moment and sings “I’m so excited, I’m so excited, I’m so scared.”  That is the only way to salvage this mess.


(4)  I am so over love triangles or love squares.  The show apparently isn’t willing to keep anyone together for very long, but now the love triangles are getting repetitive and I am over it.  Last season we had the Teddy, Rayna, Deacon love triangle.  Now, this season we have another Teddy and Deacon love struggle, only this time there is a new girl in the mix (Megan, Deacon’s gf).  It’s the same story though.  Deacon and Teddy fight about a woman.  I’ve seen it, I’m done with it.  (Actually, I am done with Teddy and Deacon literally fighting about everything).  The same repetitiveness is true of the Scarlett and Gunner love story this season too.  Last season, it was Scarlett, Gunner, and Avery.  This season it is Scarlett, Gunner, and Zoey.  No one’s love life can be this dramatic (unless you are a character on Grey’s Anatomy, I suppose).  Let’s just give it a rest.  PS.  Don’t get me started on the completely repetitive story lines of Juliette picking the “wrong” guy for her and then getting hurt or betrayed or damaging her reputation.  How many times has that happened so far?  Probably too many to count.


(5)  Will, it’s okay to be gay.  Another story I am ready to move on from is the Will can’t handle his sexuality story arc that just keeps going.  Look I get it, Will is gay and he is struggling to come to terms with it and he is afraid he won’t be accepted because of it.  You have been drilling it in my head over and over again.  Here are my particular issues though:  (1) it’s 2014, and I feel like the show isn’t recognizing this; TV and society have gotten a lot more progressive in recent years and I am having a hard time buying that Will’s career will be ruined if he is found out; and (2) even if we want to go along with the story that Will’s career is over if he tries to be a gay man in country music (side note – I am not passing judgment here on whether it is or isn’t, I obviously have no experience in the country music industry, so I have no idea how hard it would be to be a gay man at all), his story isn’t progressing at all, every week we just get Will visibly upset because he is gay; and, whether he is gay or not, this story line is tired.  It’s time to figure something else out to do with Will.


(6)  I can’t anymore with Rayna’s family – I am so very over Rayna Jaymes’s family drama.  Whether it is the stupid story line about her father or her being upset with her sister for lying, the part of the show that has dealt with the side issues of Rayna’s family has always bothered me.  I want Nashville to be a show about those entertainers (whether newbies or veterans) in country music.  Teddy’s failed projects or struggles as mayor, Lamar, and Tandy (at least Tandy is involved with Rayna’s label now) have always seemed superfluous to me.  Let’s just be glad Peggy and Lamar are finally gone at least.


So, there you go Nashville.  Those are my thoughts.  I intend them to be constructive, not to be harsh.  Because like I said above, I do like your show.  I just feel like it can be better.  And, I really want it to become a must-see each week.  Right now though, you haven’t hit that mark.

Peace out.




So CJ claims each month he will be posting a list of “things to watch.”  I like his idea, but am going to put my own twist on it.  Below you will find a list of shows that I am most excited about watching this fall.  In other words, if you are exactly like me (which clearly everyone is), these are the shows you should be watching.  As you can tell, I possess a certain loyalty for returning shows, so unfortunately, my list is skewed a little against the new shows we will be seeing this fall.  This shouldn’t be taken to mean that I will not be watching any new programming over the next couple months.  If I am being honest, it just takes me a bit of time to jump onboard with anything new (consider this a character flaw).  Here we go:

10.  The X Factor (FOX, Wednesday, September 11 8:00PM) – I can already see CJ’s eyes rolling when he sees that The X Factor made my top 10 list.  Admittedly, I did not make it through Season 1 of The X Factor, but I vowed last year to give B. Spears my support and stuck it out.  And, you know what, I still find Mr. Simon Cowell amusing.  Plus, I have a huge girl crush on Demi Lovato (also, I should probably mention that my musical tastes match those of a 12 year old girl).  Now, unfortunately, Brittney is gone this year, but Demi and Simon remain.  I watch this show for the judges and not for the talent that is “discovered,” and I am excited to see what is in store with Kelly Rowland added to the panel.  I am cautiously optimistic. [Full disclosure, I watched last night’s premiere and I didn’t hate it.  I actually liked a lot.  Second episode is on tonight.  Set your DVRs.]

9.  Psych:  The Musical (USA, Sunday, December 15 9:00PM) – I know what you are thinking, what the heck is this?  Unfortunately, that means that you have not been watching the past seven seasons of Psych.  Let me tell you, you have been missing out.  This comedy is very clever and very witty.  Yes, it is pretty crazy at times, but it’s characters are incredibly loveable.  And, Dule Hill is, as always, amazing.  You have until December to get caught up.  Trust me, you will want to.

8.  Raising Hope (FOX, Friday, November 8 9:00PM) – We are now on Season 4 of Raising Hope and it has a new time slot.  I sincerely hope this is not the beginning of the end.  I feel like this show does not get enough credit.  Admittedly, I have been a skeptic.  But the fact of the matter is, this show is hilarious.  Yes, the characters are somewhat ridiculous, but this show has a lot of heart and I can guarantee that you will enjoy each and every episode.  Plus, Hope is so dang cute, how can you not love it??

7.  The Carrie Diaries (CW, Friday, October 25 8:00PM) – I will fully disclose that I was and am a huge Sex & The City fan.  I mean, I don’t have any t-shirts, but I will watch reruns pretty much anytime they are on.  Initially, I was skeptical about this show and it did take me until May to finish watching Season 1 on my DVR.  But, you know what, this show turned out pretty good.  AnnaSophia Robb is great and I am now a huge fan.  (Did you see her in The Way Way Back this summer??).  This is obviously a light-hearted show, but it is certainly entertaining and I am looking forward to Season 2 this fall.

6. Bob’s Burgers (FOX, Sunday, September 29 8:30PM) – If you haven’t ever watched Bob’s Burgers, then your life is a sad, sad place.  True statement.  And, this is coming from someone who doesn’t really like cartoons.  It is probably worth it to watch each episode just so that you can see the clever burger pun Bob has put on his restaurant chalkboard.  This show is clever and witty and undeniably funny.  Heck, Jon Hamm guest starred as a talking toilet last season.  That should be enough to convince you right there.

5.  Nashville (ABC, Wednesday, September 25 10:00PM) – As much as I didn’t want to like this show last year, I got roped in hard.  The beginning of the first season admittedly started out shaky, but mid-way through I was hooked. Yes, it is definitely soapy, but just accept the show for what it is and jump on board.  What became of Rayna and Deacon (we ended with the in a horrible car crash), is Peggy having Teddy’s baby, what will Scarlett’s answer be, will Jonathan Jackson’s hair still be most excellent?  All questions I need answers to.

4. New Girl (FOX, Tuesday, September 19 9:00PM) – Last season New Girl proved that even a “happy” couple can be funny.  This, of course, is no easy thing to accomplish and I hope that New Girl keeps it up this season.  We left last season with Nick and Jess agreeing to give couplehood a shot, while Schmidt was asked to chose between Cece and Elizabeth.  I can’t wait to see what this season has in store.  Also, extremely excited for Damon Waynes Jr. to return as Coach.

3. Arrow (CW, Wednesday, October 9 8:00PM) – Ranking my top three shows, was extremely difficult.  The amount of time I have spent thinking about it, is embarrassing.  Arrow’s first season was incredibly solid.  And, the finale was action packed.  I will not say how the season ended because that is how much I want you to watch the first season before October 9.  I am not kidding, DO IT.

2. Scandal (ABC, Thursday, October 3 8:00PM) – Kerry Washington, Scott Foley, and Joshua Malina.  That should be enough for you right there.  But, just in case it’s not, Olivia’s affair is now public and we know that Jake has been taking orders from Olivia’s dad.  What is going to happen next?  There is no way to predict.

1. The Walking Dead (AMC, Sunday, October 13 9:00PM) – Season 3 of this show was fantastic, especially the first half.  It fully solidified the fact that I love zombies.  I do.  Granted, I am actually afraid that the zombie apocalypse will happen (I know, I wish I was kidding…but it really could happen!) after watching this show, but that is just how good it is.  We left off with Rick and his gang admitting a bunch of Woodbury residents at the Prison, but the Governor is still out there.  And, I am very concerned about Daryl after all that happened with Merle at the end of last season.

What are y’all excited to watch?


*Other shows considered:  The Blacklist, Parks & Recreation, Grey’s Anatomy, Homeland, 30 for 30, The Michael J. Fox Show, The Talking Dead, S.H.I.E.L.D., the 65th Annual Emmys.

**Times listed are for the East Coast.