The first photo of Grant Gustin in his Flash costume was released today.  The pilot for the CW’s show “The Flash” is set to start production next week.  Grant Gustin appeared on two episodes of Arrow last fall, which introduced Gustin as the smart and nerdy Barry Allen (the Flash’s civilian identity).  Allen suffered a freak accident on Arrow (see video), which has left him hospitalized and possibly in a coma (if I can recall correctly).  I presume that it is from this freak accident that Allen will gain his superhero qualities, leading him to become “The Flash.”  The Flash is in contention for a series spot on the CW’s 2014-2015 schedule.  Judging by our love for Arrow, I think it is likely that we will give The Flash a shot as well.

-LJ & CJ

Update:  On March 11, 2014, a full version of The Flash’s costume was released.  According to Gustin on twitter, he is in full production now, working on the pilot.  The costume is designed by three-time Oscar winner Colleen Atwood, who also designed the costume for Arrow as well as the costumes for many films (Alice in Wonderland, Memoirs of a Geisha, Chicago, etc.).




That’s right, I am finally doing a much-overdue Walking Dead post.  Apologies for the delay.  February has been a hectic month for us:  lots of travel, busy at work, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  I personally blame the depression from turning 30 as the reason I have not been motivated to write a blog-post.  But, enough about me…let’s talk about what is happening on The Walking Dead.

*Because I am so behind in commenting on The Walking Dead since it returned to TV, you are going to get one post about the last 3 episodes.  Sorry, but, we all need to put on our big-girl panties and deal with it.

1.  I think I actually like Carl – Carl has become a less and less annoying character as the show has continued, partly due to the fact that the character has grown up a bit.  That is not to say that he still doesn’t have his moments when he acts like a child (see the temper tantrums in “After”).  But, still, I am starting to like the kid.  Especially when he is hanging out with Michonne.  The Michonne and Carl pairing is one of the best ones on the show and often times gives some of the funnier and more heart-felt moments, which, let’s be honest, we need.  Now, if only I could stop screaming “Judith is alive” at the TV constantly (I’m sure my husband appreciates that so much).

*If Tyreese and co. is heading towards Sanctuary and Rick/Michonne/Carl is heading there too, it seems that we will have a reunion in the future.  It also might be possible that Glenn’s group is heading there as well since they were following some train tracks.

2.  “Inmates” was not my favorite episode – What splitting the group into smaller groups has shown me, is that I really, really don’t like some people.  I think we can all agree that crazy Lizzie and her sister Mika are the worst, seriously, the worst.  I am fairly certain that Lizzie is a psychopath (you saw more dead bunnies, right?) and her sister is an idiot.  Having to watch the two of them and Tyreese bumble their way through the forest in episode 410 was awful and stupid.  Also, having them run into Carol at the end of that episode was just too coincidental.  At what point will she tell Tyreese about Karen?  You know, what, I don’t even care.  Very over that storyline.

3.  Beth’s voiceovers – What’s up with Beth’s voiceovers?  We got plenty of them in episode 410 and the previews for next week make it seem like we will be getting more of them.  I assume the show is trying to give Beth a more central role, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I just wish I didn’t feel like the character and her optimism wasn’t getting shoved in my face constantly.  Let’s please have Beth and Daryl do something other than wander around debating whether you should view the world as sunshine and rainbows or as the crap-fest it has turned into.

4.  Glenn got off the bus – So, Glenn got off the bus.  Was anyone else wondering when that exactly happened and how he was able to get himself that high in the prison when he was on his deathbed?  Nonetheless, I am glad Glenn didn’t die like the rest of the bus-riders.  I also kind of like his pairing with Tara.  Hopefully there isn’t a love-triangle story coming in the future though, because I love Maggie and Glenn.  PS.  Let’s not pretend like Glenn’s riot gear wasn’t totally bad-ass.

5.  The new kids – We got more of the new kids on the block in this past week’s episode.  In case you can’t remember their names, we have Sergeant Abraham Ford, Rosita Espinoza, and Dr. Eugene Porter.  So, Dr. Eugene thinks he knows what caused this whole mess, great, could he please clue us in also?  I haven’t decided whether I believe this doctor or not.  And, his inability to use a gun, isn’t really helping me buy his credibility.

6.  Bathroom guy – Let’s pause and reflect on the awesomeness of Rick strangling the bathroom guy and then leaving the door open for zombie bathroom guy to potentially take out some of the other bad dudes squatting in Rick, Michonne, and Carl’s house.  Genius.  I can’t imagine that we will see the end of this band of largely unknown and seemingly very bad men.

What have y’all thought about this half of the season so far?




February on TV is not necessarily all that different from February at the movie theater. It is traditionally known as a dumping ground, but there’s always some good, if not great, stuff mixed in. This February is an interesting month. Thrown off by the Winter Olympics (which 100%, completely and totally will NOT be anywhere near this list–as boring as I find the Summer Olympics, the Winter Games are far, far worse), but still a testament to the changing face of television. The traditional television season, with pilots, show orders, September/January premieres, is all becoming a thing of the past. Cable networks set their own schedules, which allows them to nurture a show in ways not afforded to the Big 4 networks. Most importantly, they are not tied down to the structure of pilot season, giving them access to more and bigger named actors for their projects.

Now on to the list for February:

10. Growing Up Fisher (NBC–Feb. 23): This is a show that I know virtually nothing about, and in most months, would never make this list. But like I mentioned above, February is just a weird month. What puts this show on this list is the top line: JK Simmons, Jenna Elfman, and Jason Bateman. A JK Simmons project is always going to at least get a view from me.

 9. Questioning Darwin (HBO–Feb. 10): Again, a project I know very little about, but what I do know, tells me I’ll at least watch it. I generally enjoy the HBO documentary series (which this is a part of), and I’m always interested in a story about great scientific minds that have shaped the world, of which, Charles Darwin is certainly one.

 8. Legit (FXX–Feb. 26): One of the old FX comedies that got pushed over to the new network, Legit is the story of a standup comedian, Jim Jeffries, his best friend and his best friend’s quadriplegic brother. It’s not the finest of the FX/FXX comedies, but it has funny moments. Jim Jeffries is a talented comedian and that shows at many points in this comedy. Although, perhaps what I should be pointing out here is a show that I missed in January, Archer: Vice on FX. The new season of Archer throws the entire premise on its head, and is probably as good as or better than the show has been in its 5 seasons.

7. Mixology (ABC–Feb. 26): Another new network sitcom premiering at the end of February. Can’t be a good thing, right? I don’t know. This show has kind of an interesting premise, with 10 people spending one night in a bar. How can a premise like that go on, I’m not sure. But I’m at least interested in seeing what happens on this one, presumably crazy night. Although I don’t think I’ll get too attached, because I’m not expecting this to be a long term show on ABC–who has been struggling like crazy to find a comedy block to surround The Middle and Modern Family.

6. About a Boy (NBC–Feb. 21): Finally a show I actually do have some high expectations for. Not that I expect it to be a commercial success (although, I do expect it to be a critical success), but it is a show that I am greatly anticipating. Brought to us by Jason Katims, the man behind Friday Night Lights (TV), and starring David Walton (NBC’s short lived, but brilliant “Bent”) and Minnie Driver, the pedigree behind this show has all the makings of a great sitcom. The only thing that I can think of that would make this better is if NBC went all in on the “Bent” reunion and had Amanda Peet in the Minnie Driver role. But hey, I’m about as big a fan of “Good Will Hunting” as there is out there, so I won’t complain with the role being played by the namesake for my dog.

5. The Walking Dead (AMC–Feb. 9): Part 2 of season 4 premieres this weekend. LJ has posted a review of Part 1 of season 4 to get everyone ready for Sunday night, so I’ll direct you to her comments. She’s also a much bigger fan of TWD than I am, so I think it’s best to let her convince you to watch. Let me just say, I am NOT excited about the return of The Governor. Come on Scott Gimple. You killed him. Let him just be dead. No more Rick hallucinations, no more flash backs. Just let David Morrissey go on to his next AMC show.

 4. The Red Road (Sundance–Feb. 27): So this is one of those interesting situations where I’m going to say I know NOTHING about this show, but I couldn’t be more excited for it. First of all, just look at the cast: Khol Drogo himself, Jason Momoa, Julianne Nicholson (one of my favorite gingers), and Tom Sizemore–that is great stuff. Then, it’s on Sundance, who so far has given us Top of the Lake, Rectify and The Returned. I hope that this show will be just as brilliant as those 3, and I fully suspect that it will be.

3. House of Cards (Netflix–Feb. 13): House of Cards reminds me a lot of “Oz” from the early days of HBO. A great show, but it is most important because it paved the way for what came next. Like Oz, House of Cards was not technically the first Netflix original, but it is the first one of note. And like Oz, House of Cards is overshadowed in many people’s minds by what came after it. For Oz, it was obviously the greatest TV show of all time, The Sopranos, and for House of Cards, it was arguably the best show of 2013, Orange is the New Black. Nonetheless, more House of Cards is something to be excited about, including the news of a season 3 in 2015.

2. The Americans (FX–Feb. 26): As I reflect on my top 10 list from 2013, I am really upset at myself for not putting this show higher. The Americans suffered from what many shows do, it simply appeared too early on in the year, leaving me too much time to forget how great it was, and how much I enjoyed it. My vow is to not let that happen this year, and to let it sit up there with the other great FX shows including Justified, The Bridge, Archer: Vice, Louie, Sons of Anarchy, The Strain, and Fargo. Good night alive, it looks like it’s going to be a GREAT year for John Landgraf and FX.

1. Hannibal (NBC–Feb. 28): I will put Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikklesen’s performances in Hannibal up against any 2 performances on any show, including Olyphant and Goggins, Cranston and Paul, McConauhey and Harrelson, or Hamm and Kartheiser. The difference is that no one pays any attention to Hannibal for some reason. And, adding Michael Pitt to the cast for the upcoming season is only going to make this rich cast even richer. It’s the most beautiful show on TV and telling one of the most thoughtful crime stories ever put to film. Getting a second season is a gift we could have never expected. But hopefully, with the foreign financing, making this show brutally cheap for NBC, we will get as many seasons as Fuller and the gang want to do.




I would say that this week’s episode was again relatively non-eventful.  Unless you count Edith’s pregnancy (but, come on, that wasn’t a surprise) or Rose’s scheme to bring Jack Ross to Downton (again, we knew we would see him again).  Again, Robert Crowley has taken a backseat this week on the annoyance-scale and we have a knew “winner” for least likely to deserve a punch.  Let’s get to the list though before Edith stops sobbing in a corner again.

19.  Alfred – No punch for you this week, just a big congrats!  Best wishes in cooking school!

18.  Cora Crowley – Thank you for saving Anna and Bates from that snobby maître d’ and for giving them a ride home.  Well played.

17.  Mrs. Pattmore – Your swooning over Rudolph Valentino only made me love you more!

16.  Violet – Your apology to Peg was very very nice and earned you points this week.  But, you probably shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions about him in the first place.

15.  Jack Ross – I really like you.  But, you and Rose are going to create a lot of chaos.

14.  Rose – Oh, Rose, you silly girl.  You are going to get yourself in trouble.

13.  Mary – I feel like you should cut Rose some slack, remember when you were young and doing stupid things…I do!

12.  Robert Crowley – Who would have thought you would make it this far down the list?  Not me.  Good job comforting Edith.  I have a feeling this stuff with Uncle Harold is not going to go well though.

11.  Molesley – Ha, you still don’t get called by your first name.  I think that might be karma.

10.  Carson – While Carson is great with Alfred, he certainly isn’t very nice to Molesley (not that Molesley doesn’t deserve some of it).  Also, could the Carson and Jack Ross conversation have been any more awkward and uncomfortable?  Accept some change Mr. Carson.

9.  Ivy and Daisy – Daisy, it’s not nice for you to take out your emotions on Ivy, even if Ivy deserved it.  At least with Alfred gone, maybe Daisy can move on and this stupid love-square can be over already.

8.  Charles Blake and Evelyn Napier – Napier was pretty much sidelined this week, but Charles Blake was certainly an ass.  Don’t you know that you shouldn’t pass judgment on people until you get to know them, Mr. Blake (even if that person is Mary)?  How much do you want to bet that Mary ultimately decides to go for Blake over Napier?  What’s that saying about nice guys again?

7.  Tom – You are still very boring.

6.  Isobel – I have given you time to grieve for your son, but no more.  Stop with all of your righteousness.  I know that Violet can be pig-headed sometimes, but you are just as bad.  Gloating is not becoming on anyone.

5.  Baxter – Stop telling secrets!! Or, at least tell me what Thomas has on you, so that I can understand your motivation.

4.  Edith and Michael Gregson – So Edith is knocked-up and Gregson has gone M.I.A.  Great, just great Edith.  You were starting to become a really interesting character and now all we get is you sobbing in the corner all episode.  I am sorry you are pregnant, but I am more sorry that the writers couldn’t give you a more interesting storyline than an unplanned pregnancy.

3.  Bates and Anna – Really, you guys can’t even enjoy a dinner together?  And, Bates, stop brooding.  Why can’t someone at Downton be happy ever?

2.  Thomas – Ok, so can someone please explain to me what Thomas’s actual job is, because I really can’t tell anymore.  All he seems to do is lurk around and threaten people.  Do something productive dude!

1.  Jimmy – Jimmy definitely deserves the biggest punch in the face this week.  Seriously, Jimmy…when did you become such a royal pain the butt?  All you do is sulk around the house and say rude things to people.  And, now you are getting fresh with Ivy?  You probably deserve a good kick in the nuts too.




Get ready folks, The Walking Dead is back this Sunday (insert cheers or zombie growls here)!  We, here at YBTV, felt like a little refresher course in the events of the first-half of season 4 might be helpful to put us in the right mindset for Sunday night.  So, here are some things that you don’t want to forget about season 4 thus far.

6.  Poor rats and bunnies – Don’t forget that there appeared to be some crazed lunatic who was feeding rats to the zombies in the first-half of season 4.  Also, Tyreese found a dissected bunny in the mid-season finale.  We really don’t have much of a story as to who has been torturing these animals, but it seems that someone isn’t completely right in the head.  My money is on Bob or Lizzie.  This could become more of a focal point now that the groups are much smaller.


5.  Judith is M.I.A. – Yes, Lizzie and company abandoned Judith in the midst of the prison battle (stupid, stupid girl) and Carl and Rick found a bloody car seat.  But, we certainly didn’t see a dead baby in the midseason finale, so that begs the question…Is Judith still alive?  There has of course been much speculation that Tyreese is actually carrying the baby while he is running away.  I personally don’t think we have seen the last of Judith.


4.  Carol got kicked out – Although we don’t have much of a ‘”group” at the moment, don’t forget that Carol was coldly cut out of the group by Rick in episode 4 of this season.  We know that Carol admitted to killing Karen and David, but that’s about all we know of Carol at the moment.  She is set to make a return appearance in this back-half of the season, but when and where we don’t know.  I feel like she has to come across Tyreese doesn’t she?


3.  Who was on the radio? – Remember when Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, and Bob heard that mysterious radio broadcast?  It is easy to forget about that part of episode 3 because the group quickly encounters a herd of zombies, but who was on the radio?  And, what does that mean for the group?  The radio transmission is set to be revisited in the second-half of this season.


2.  Hershel is dead – R.I.P. Hershel.  I am still not sure that I am quite over this event from the mid-season finale.  Seriously, how am I and the group going to survive without Hershel?  I assume that it means Bob might play a bigger role, since he is now the resident doctor in the group.  Also, Danai Gurira has indicated that Michonne has taken the death of Hershel pretty hard and now that she is all alone, we can only imagine what sort of mental problems she is facing.


1.  Splitsville – Probably the biggest thing that happened in the beginning of season 4 is that the group has been split into fragments.  So here is a refresher for you:


  • Carol is alone (we presume) – we have no clue where is she or when she will reappear
  • Rick and Carl are together – although Rick appears to be pretty hurt
  • Glen is alone (with a bus full of people) – we aren’t sure who else is on the bus or who is even driving it (there is some speculation that Lilly’s sister Tara is actually driving the bus)
  • Daryl is with Beth – I am most excited about this pairing
  • Tyreese is with the kids – and maybe baby Judith
  • Maggie, Bob, and Sasha are together – Sasha is still kinda sick and Bob is shot (and my guess mentally unstable)
  • Michonne is on her own
  • Who knows where Lilly is – although I am not sure that we care

Sunday really can’t come soon enough!