As I type this post I can feel the clock ticking.  The next episode of Game of Thrones will air in less an hour from right now.  Therefore, I will be typing fast and probably not very much.  But, in case you want to take some time to briefly reflect on what happened last week, let’s get to talking…

1.  Everyone is entitled to their day in court – Well sort of suppose this is true in the Game of Thrones world too.  Although before Tryrion’s trial even started, we (the audience) knew he was climbing an uphill battle.  I just don’t think we realized how low the Lannisters would get by the end of it all (see Shae).  I am fairly convinced that Tywin doesn’t actually believe his son killed his grandson, but we know that Tywin has never been Tryion’s biggest fan so I am not surprised that he is a willing participant in this debacle that is called a “trial.”  Further, Tywin doesn’t seem to mind that Jaime is called the “King Slayer” so I doubt his pride would be very much hurt if another one of his sons ended up being known as a killer of kings as well.  What I really can’t figure out is whether Cersei actually believes that Tryion is responsible for Joffrey’s death.  Because if she does, then she is clearly an idiot.  And, while Cersei may be many things–a power-hungry, adulterous, b*tch (to name a few)–I hadn’t yet took her for being completely stupid.

2.  Poor Jaime – I like Jaime, I really do.  And, I don’t know if he has just been clueless about depth of his father’s and sister’s vengefulness or what, but his face was priceless as the camera cut to him during Tryion’s trial. It was like he hadn’t really appreciated the mockery the trial would become (despite Tyrion’s warnings) until he was present at it and was getting smacked in the face by it.  I think Jaime’s best quality is his loyalty and he demonstrates it so well in this episode where he willing gives up his “life” (at least as he knows it) so that Tryion’s life can be saved.  This was truly a selfless act–something you don’t see much of these days.  Question though – How does Tyrion’s request for trial by combat going to affect Jaime’s deal with Tywin.

3.  Shae – Girl, the Lannisters had better have threatened your life or something because I cannot forgive you for humiliating and emotionally destroying Tryion the way you did.  I get that you are mad at him, but lady, you have taken the whole scorned-lover thing to a new level.  And, I certainly, don’t appreciate it.  Plus, not only have you backstabbed Tryion but you have betrayed Sansa (a girl that has done nothing to you).  And, that my dear, is low.

4.  Trial by combat – So, do we think Bronn steps in for Tyrion again or is Tyrion really going to have to fight his own battle this time?  I am not sure of the rules.

5.  Stannis is still boring as ever – I wish this guy would just go away.  I can’t find his storyline to be remotely compelling.  And, I can’t imagine that even the new financing Stannis has managed to acquire (by the help of Ser Davos) is going to make Stannis any more of a threat or any more interesting to me either.  Stannis along with Ramsey need to go to part of the Game of Thrones world where I never have to see or hear from them again anytime soon.

6.  It’s tough to be Queen – While I certainly think Dany has the abilities and the confidence to serve as queen of Slaver’s Bay and hopefully the Iron Throne (one day), she is definitely learning that ruling effectively takes a lot of different qualities and that it certainly isn’t an easy job.  It’s tough to be the one in charge and it’s tough to do the right thing, especially when there isn’t a clear right answer.  At least Dany seems to be taking her job seriously though and that is better than many of the previous men/boys that have sat on the Iron Throne.  Varys, you keep your spies out of Dany’s camp though.  I am watching you.

Alright, that is all I have time for this week.  What did y’all think?





I know, I am super late in getting a review of last week’s Game of Thrones episode posted.  But, it was a busy week outside of the blogosphere.  My best friend got married this past weekend and I received a promotion at work.  That meant less time for blogging.  Since I am cutting it so close this week, again, it’s likely this post won’t be very long.  Let’s get to talking.

1.  So the big reveal – In a surprise for us television watchers, we learned this week that it wasn’t the Lannisters who poisoned Jon Arryn, but instead his crazy wife Lysa Tully at the request of Littlefinger.  We have always been warned that Littlefinger would do just about anything to get himself more power.  As Varys adequately put it:  “He’d see the realm burn if he could be king of the ashes.”  Now, we know for sure, that Varys is probably right.  After all, it was Arryn’s death that caused Robert to ask Ned to become the King’s hand.  This ultimately led to the death of Ned.  And, thus the entire war.  We also know that Littlefinger orchestrated the death of Joffrey and the “capture” of the Stark’s oldest daughter.  I don’t know what Littlefinger’s ultimate plan is, but he is clearly 10 steps ahead of everyone else.  Maybe his new crazy wife might be the end of him though.  Fingers crossed.

2.  Mother’s Day – Today is Mother’s Day, so let’s talk briefly about the mothers in Game of Thrones.  Dany, the mother of dragons, I think deserves the mother of the year award,  given that she has freed all these people (even if she does learn that the liberated cities of Slaver’s Bay have already fallen back into the hands of the Masters or other despots without Dany there to oversee their cities).  What is commendable about Dany though is that, unlike everyone else that seeks the Iron Throne, she appears to recognize that she has much to learn before she ultimately assumes that title and she has decided to try and restore order in the cities that have fallen apart since her liberation.  I can respect that.  Cersei will never win mother of the year, but she certainly is the best at using motherhood as a manipulation technique.  It will be interesting to see if she has swayed Oberyn to her side after expressing her love for her daughter that was sent far far away from her.  Finally, Lysa Arryn gets creepiest mother ever award.  Not only is she crazy, but her son Robin certainly is taking after his nutty mother.  And, is Sansa really going to have to marry that kid?  It’s time for Sansa to catch a break.

3.  The great adventures of Arya and the Hound – I am ready for something to happen with these two, aren’t you?  I really wish the Hound would start teaching her how to fight.  I am ready for Arya’s revenge crusade to start.

4.  Close but no cigar – North of the wall Jon Snow along with Locke descend upon Craster’s house and kill everyone (other than the women) in sight.  Let’s take a minute and pause to remember Bran overtaking Hodor during this scene and crushing Locke’s neck.  Because that was awesome!  Also, here’s a thought for you, if Bran can pretty much jump into the mind of anyone, is he going to be able to possess Dany’s dragons one day (assuming he doesn’t die first)?  I am a little bummed that Bran and Jon didn’t get to reunite, and I honestly don’t understand the whole point of Bran’s quest, but if Game of Thrones doesn’t want these two to be together, I guess I will have to live with that.

5.  Reunited (and it feels so good) – At least Jon got reunited with Ghost.  Thank goodness.

6.  The Iron Bank – I assume that all this talk of debt and the Iron Bank is going to become very very important at some point.  I just don’t get it’s significance right now.  Hopefully, all will be revealed, in due time.

What did y’all think?



GoT-S4E4-tommenThere were so many images to choose from for this week’s post, but I ended up settling on Margaery and Tommen because I feel like this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship between these two (and by beautiful friendship, I mean some sort of relationship where Margaery manipulates the heck out of the future King).  Also, I couldn’t use the image of the White Walker because it scares the heck out of me and I really can’t look at an image of Hodor at the moment without feeling incredibly sad.  So much happened in this week’s episode that we better get to talking.

*Full disclosure, I am writing this post on Friday afternoon before CJ and I are set to go out of town.  There is so much that we could talk about this week, but I just simply don’t have the time.  Blogging can be so difficult when you have social obligations… (please feel free to roll your eyes at that comment).

1.  Future King beware – From what little we have seen of Tommen* in Game of Thrones (prior to this season, Tommen’s character only appeared in 9 episodes of the series), it seems like the young future-King has led a rather sheltered life.  And, while I certainly appreciate the fact that, at least for now, he appears to be kinder and possibly more wiser than his older brother, I feel like he is going to be eaten alive (either by Margaery or his grandfather, or both).  And, look, I like Margaery a lot and I hate the Lannisters (as a collective family unit), so I am all for a little manipulation on the part of the Tyrells, but I feel a little bad that for this kid that has no idea what kind of life he is getting himself into.  It’s not easy being King.**

*Prior to this season, I hadn’t realized that they recast Tommen (mainly because I honestly couldn’t remember what the kid looked like…remember, we didn’t see Tommen at all in season 3).  My guess is part of the reason for recasting was to make Tommen look a little older so this whole Margaery/Tommen love or friendship or future marriage doesn’t look quite so creepy to the viewers.  Interesting tidbit though, the actor that now plays Tommen (Dean-Charles Chapman) actually played a young Martyn Lannister in two episodes in season 3.  I had no idea!

**Let’s give a round of applause to Margaery for knowing the right way to manipulate this little King.  She doesn’t over do it, but instead becomes more child-like herself in order for Tommen to see her as hopefully a confidant and sort of his dream-girl of the future.  Nothing works better to manipulate a guy than getting him to develop a crush on you.  Well done Margaery, I appreciate your intelligence, your strategy, and your over gumption.

2.  Here are the things that I am concerned about after this week’s episode (in no particular order)

  • Summer and Ghost – Yes, my main concern is the direwolves.  Did you see how badly Ghost is being treated?  If you knew me it would not surprise you at all that I am most concerned about the dogs.  I can’t handle anymore dying.
  • Hodor! – Oh my gosh, they tied of Hodor.  I am crying on the inside for this lovable man.
  • Bran – I am not sure why I care so much about Bran because, let’s be honest, he can be kind of annoying.  And, I am kind of over this whole trick about being a warg.  But, I don’t want anything bad to happen to this kid!  I think it’s because I love the Starks and Bran is one of the last Starks living.  All the Starks can’t die, right?!  As for Bran’s friends, other than Hodor, I find them to be expendable.
  • White Walkers – Let’s get real, the scene at the end of the episode with the White Walker King (I presume) and the baby was terrifying.  I wish I could unsee his face.

3.  Jon Snow – I am trying really really hard to care about Jon Snow, mainly because I know (assuming this show continues along like the books) that he is going to become a bigger and bigger character.  Right now though, I simply just don’t.  Or, I guess I should say that I only care about him in relation to other characters.  What I mean is, right now I want Jon to go save Bran, Hodor, etc. from the evil former men of the Nights Watch.  As an independent person though, I can’t really say right now that I care whether he lives or dies.

4.  Dany takes another city – You know I love Dany, I really do.  And, I mean, I am all for her saving the world one slave city at a time.  But, I am beginning to wish that she got to do something else, ya know, other than saving millions of people’s lives.  Maybe this makes me a bad person.  Side note though – I did enjoy getting to know more about Grey Worm’s past and I do like this budding relationship he has going on with Missandei.

5.  Brienne and Jaime – Say it isn’t over between these two?  Why did Brienne have to leave Jaime in King’s Landing?  Brienne + Jaime forever.

Again, sorry for such a short post, but better short than nothing at all, right?

What did y’all think?




So, last week was the episode after the episode that included the big purple wedding, which basically means that it had a lot to live up to.  And, for the most part, I think it did.  But, because there was no major event this week, it also meant that we returned to sorta tour-guide mode, i.e., we spent most of the episode checking in with different people at different places.  This, for the most part, is the typical Game of Thrones model for each episode, but it usually means that we only get to see little snip-bits of everyone.  Personally, I am just glad to see Dany again.*  Let’s get to talking.

*I know we don’t talk about movies on this blog, but CJ and I recently saw Emilia Clarke in Dom Hemingway (starring Jude Law).  Awesome movie and Emilia was amazing, plus she sings, so I pretty much died.

1.  Off course it was Littlefinger – So first things first, we get confirmation that Dontos was involved the poisoning plot and that it was partially designed to get Sansa out of King’s Landing.  However, it is also revealed that the mastermind behind the poisoning plot was Littlefinger.  Gosh, I hate Littlefinger.  He is so smarmy.  And, now, Sansa has been delivered into his arms.  Don’t forget that Littlefinger always had a thing for Sansa’s mother, which kind of adds a whole new creepiness into this scenario.  I am glad that Sansa is out of King’s Landing (and hopefully out of the clutches of the Lannisters), but is she really any better off with Littlefinger?  At least at the moment, I suppose, she isn’t being tried for killing the King, so there is the upside.**

**I am still not clear if the Tyrells were involved in the Littlefinger plan or not.  But, last episode seemed to imply that Margaery may end up getting to marry Joffrey’s younger brother now…whose name I should probably start learning at this point.

2.  That thing that happened – Most of the talk surrounding this past episode seemed to be about the scene between Jaime and Cersei and whether or not it was consensual or not.  I don’t really want to get into that aspect of the scene.  Because whether it was or it wasn’t, I am most upset about it because Jaime still wants to be “doing it” with his sister.  And, that is still super gross.  I loved the Jaime of last season, i.e., the Jaime outside of King’s Landing–the one who jumped into a bear pit with one arm to save Brienne.  I don’t want Jaime to revert back to his old ways simply because he is back in King’s Landing.  I want the new and improved Jaime.

3.  Tywin is in the empire business – I think it is abundantly clear that the worst person in King’s Landing and maybe all of Westeros is Tywin.  He has the most influence and power, now that Joffrey is dead, he is pretty much the de facto King…given how malleable young Tommen appears to be.  It’s just moments after Joffrey’s death and we see Tywin laying the foundation for his manipulation of the future new King, Tommen.  We also see him firming up his alliances; for instance, by recruiting Oberyn Martell to fill the open spot on the Small Council.  I just hope Oberyn has still kept his hatred of the Lannisters with him, even if he does appear to come the side of the Lannisters.

4.  Stannis – Remember when Stannis made such a big deal about the threat from the North?  Well we are now three episodes into season 4 and he hasn’t mentioned it yet.  This bugs the hell out of me. I mean I get that he is still interested in being the “King,” but I am a little disappointed that he hasn’t expressed any concerns about what is happening in the North, beyond what we saw in the season 3 finale.  Get it together buddy.

5.  I really need a prison break – How long are we going to have to watch Tyrion be in prison for?  Actually, I suppose, I should be happy that he is in prison and not dead yet.  I just really don’t want to see Tyrion stuck in prison for the rest of the season.  At least, we still get to see him giving some amazing speeches, even if he is just stuck in a room for the entire episode.***

***And, what does Tyrion’s accusal mean for Bronn?  It seems like we won’t have any more Jaime/Bronn sword lessons anytime soon, right?

6.  Mother of Dragons does it again – Not only do we get to witness Daario #2 easily and masterfully take out the champion of Meereen, but we also get to see Dany being Dany, which is always a thing of greatness.  To be honest, I was little worried that Dany was attacking the city with all of the innocent slaves watching (that didn’t seem like the right thing to do). But, when the barrels broke and revealed broken chains and collars, I was in awe of Dany’s intelligence and strategy.  Whether Dany ever makes it to Westeros or not, I don’t think it matters to me.  I could watch Dany being Dany for hours.


Obviously, much more happened in last week’s episode (I didn’t even touch on the Jon Snow or Sam bits or the new adventures of Arya and the Hound), but seeing as this post is happening so late, we might as well just wait a few more hours and see what is in store for them this week.  Happy Game of Thrones Day everyone!



Happy Friday to you!  If you are bummed to be working this Friday (when a lot of people have a holiday) or are simply looking for a pick me up this morning, then I have the video for you.  Joanna Robinson and David Chen from the Cast of Kings podcast have created a music video using the very popular “Let it Go” song from Frozen with Game of Thrones themed lyrics.  It’s performed by Gail Folsom.  If you love Frozen as much as you love Game of Thrones than this will be epic for you.  If you haven’t seen Frozen or Game of Thrones, then you need to reevaluate your life choices.




I am sure Joffrey would like us to remember him as the crazy child-king that he was, rather than that bloated purple mess that he turned into at the end of this week’s Game of Thrones episode.  Thus, I have chosen the picture above so that we can remember the horrible man-child (that believed he was untouchable) just the way he was–an idiot.  Ned’s death was spoiled for me before I saw it in season 1 and I wasn’t necessarily surprised by the end of Robb Stark and his mother (or I wasn’t as depressed by such events as a lot of people).  But, Joffrey getting killed, shocked the heck out of me!  I was not expecting it at all (please keep in mind that neither CJ or I have read the books).  So, let’s get to talking about what happened to the little purple people-eater.

1.  The purple wedding – Joffrey’s and Margaery’s wedding is referred to as the purple wedding.  I initially thought this was because purple is considered the color of royalty, so it seemed natural that the wedding of the king would be called “the purple wedding.”  But, now I am wondering if it is called that because Joffrey literally turned purple as he choked to death.  Anyone have any idea?  I would post the picture of his bloated purple face, but it gives me nightmares.

2.  I kinda feel bad – Before this week’s episode started I tweeted something about how Joffrey liked to drown puppies to calm his pre-wedding nerves.  It seemed appropriate given the psychopath that he was.  And, he was in rare form both before and during his wedding.  I mean, he was really acting like an a-hole.  But, in the aftermath of his death, I felt a little bad about my tweet.  I mean, I wasn’t expecting him to die!  So, as I sat there in shock after we watched Joffrey choke to death, I considered erasing my tweet (out of respect for the dead, of course, and because as Joffrey lay there dead in his mother’s arms, he definitely appeared more child-like than normal).  However, then I remembered what a lying piece of sh*t Joffrey was and got over any sadness I felt for his passing.  Don’t rest in peace Joffrey, you were a bad, bad man and the people of Westeros can sleep a little easier tonight knowing you are gone.*

*Part of my sadness may be due to the fact that Jack Gleeson claims to be done with acting for good.

3.  Tyrion didn’t do it – If Tyrion is one thing in particular, he is smart.  So, there is no way that I believe that he is responsible for the poisoning of Joffrey; he wouldn’t be so stupid as to be the one caught holding the last thing that Joffrey touched before Joffrey died.**  This means it was someone else.  But, who?

  • Olenna Tyrell – Grandma Tyrell has never seemed exactly pleased with the fact that Margaery was to marry Joffrey.  And, she definitely did not look very celebratory during the wedding.  She is smart enough to figure out how to poison the King.  Plus, weren’t the Tyrells responsible for the pie?  It could have been a poison pie and not a poison drink that was the end of Joffrey.  I am not putting it past Margaery to have been involved either, although I can’t imagine that she wants the reputation as a husband killer.***
  • The fool, Ser Dontos – There had to be a reason that the fool reappeared last week, right?  Now, we see him take Sansa away from the reception as Joffrey lays there dying.  And, if I am not mistaken, he tells Sansa something to the effect of “if you want to leave, we have to do it now.”  This may imply that he knew the poisoning was coming and used it as a distraction to get Sansa out of there (and by out of there, I mean out of the reception and potentially out of Kings Landing).
  • Oberyn Martell – He hasn’t been in Kings Landing very long, but we know that he blames the Lannisters for the death of his sister and her children.  A child for a child?  He does claim to pay his debts.
  • Sansa Stark – Now, I think this is a bit of a stretch, but we know that Sansa was one of the people that actually touched Joffrey’s cup of wine.  And, she has certainly been his favorite person to torment.  I wish she would have been the person to kill Joffrey, but I just can’t imagine that she did.

(A lot more people surely wanted Joffrey dead, but in my mind, these are the most likely candidates of the moment.)

**Cersei isn’t dumb, but she also hates her little brother so much that she may actually believe that Tyrion is responsible.  Both Tywin’s and Jaime’s expressions at the end of the episode lead me to think that they might believe Cersei as well.  Plus, I know that Tyrion spends some time in prison this season, so it seems logically that this would be the reason why.  I hope someone comes to Tyrion’s rescue though.

***If you want a visual breakdown of how Olenna could have killed Joffrey, here you go:

4.  Who becomes King nowJoffrey’s younger brother? Is he next in line for the throne?

5.  The non-purple wedding stuff – In other news, Ramsay Snow is still a horrible horrible person.  He might be next on my list of GoT people I would like to die.  Watching him chase that poor girl through the forest was so uncomfortable; I couldn’t handle it.  I am also not happy about the fact that he knows the Stark boys are still alive.  Bran is at least north of the wall, which means he is hopefully out of the reach of Ramsay Snow (although he is facing other terrifying things).  We have yet to see Rickon this season though.

6.  The night is dark – We visit Stannis in this week’s episode who appears to still be allowing people to be burned to death in the name of the Lord of Light.  What I find most shocking is his wife’s complete devotion to her new faith, to the point where she appears to view her daughter as just another sinful non-believer.  I really hope nothing bad happens to that little girl.  Oh wait, what am I saying, it’s Game of Thrones, something bad always happens.

7.  Bronn vs. Jaime – Bronn is awesome.  Period.  I need more of these two together.

8.  Bran’s vision – Bran’s vision was quick and I haven’t gone back to rematch it, but it seemed like the most significant part was the image of a dragon flying over Kings Landing, no?

Ok, that’s all I have time for this week.  What did y’all think?




On Monday, HBO announced that the season 4 Game of Thrones premiere was its highest rated show since the series finale of The Sopranos.  Therefore, yesterday’s news that HBO had renewed Game of Thrones for two additional seasons is probably the least surprising news ever.  It does mean, however, that we will at least get 6 seasons of the quest for the iron throne.  I will admit that the announcement does seem a little odd given that showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss have previously indicated that 7 seasons seems to be the magic number for the show.  One would think that at this point HBO would simply give the go ahead for a seventh season, but who knows what the network is thinking.  Further, I suppose, there, of course, is always the outstanding problem of whether George R.R. Martin will have finished sixth and seventh books before the TV series catches up.

In any event, we are more than excited to know that Game of Thrones will still be around for the near future.